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An oddly-named dark Vim color scheme
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abbott.vim is an oddly-named dark Vim color scheme. It's primarily designed for editing files with a lot of plain text (i.e., TeX documents), but it should be fairly decent for other sorts of files as well. The color scheme draws on several sources, including memories of late nights spent working on real analysis homework and drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew.


Because hey, it's a color scheme! That's what you really want to see, right?

(abbott.vim editing this README)

(More here.)

Features & characteristics

  • abbott.vim is a dark theme and only a dark theme.
  • abbott.vim is not a low contrast theme; however, does attempt to avoid excessive text contrast. Plain text is light green on dark brown rather than white on black.
  • abbott.vim supports all highlight groups featured in Vim 7.3, as well as the bad-whitespace plugin.
  • abbott.vim currently sets only GUI colors. Terminal users are encouraged to try it with the CSApprox plugin as this seems to give decent results.

Future directions

  • Make the color choices suck less. (May be impossible given my lack of artistic talent.)
  • Add custom highlights for other plugins. (Ideas, anyone?)
  • Add native support for 88- and 256-color terminals. (CSApprox is great, but I think hand-picked terminal colors would give nicer looking approximations in some cases.)
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