BASH IDE -- Write and run BASH-scripts using menus and hotkeys.
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- Bugfix: Setup of local templates in case of global installation.
- Help: Bash and utility manuals wrapped on window width.
- Bugfix: \hm and \hh work wrong in insert mode.
- Bugfix: Better compatibility with custom mappings
  (use "normal!" and "noremap" consistently).
- Added 'Bash_SetMapLeader' and 'Bash_ResetMapLeader'.
- Minor corrections and improvements.
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This is a mirror of

Write BASH-scripts by inserting comments, statements, tests, variables, builtins, etc..
Speed up writing new scripts considerably.
Write code und comments with a professional appearance from the beginning.

Here are some screen shots :

The help file online :

The key mappings of this plugin (PDF) :

This plugin comes with a help file (bashsupport.txt). 
Read it with   
  :h bashsupport 


Editing actions differ for different modes!  
There are  a lot of  features which can be configured or customized to match your needs.

The installation explained: article 
"Make Vim as Your Bash-IDE Using bash-support Plugin"

Plugin featured in the article 'Turn Vim into a bash IDE' :

Bash Support is on GitHub:

(Please help us keep track of all the issues and name your report/request "Bash-Support: <title>") 

You can subscribe to the vim-plugins-list mailing list to post your questions or
suggestions for improvement or to report bugs.  The list will also be used to
announce new releases ( c.vim / bash-support / perl-support / doxygen-support ).
Visit the following page for subscribing to the mailing list:

The vim-plugins-list list is very low on traffic.