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Latest commit 01697f8 Mar 15, 2005 @mkamensky mkamensky committed with Version 1.1
Mainly bug fixes. New features:- Added the uri history://n to access the n-th newest item in the history.   Similarly, the :History command may now accecpt a numeric argument.- The last access time for each link now appears on the history page- Added the g:browser_connect_timeout variable to control when we give up   connecting to a remote site- Added support for homepage in the plugin. :Browse and similar commands can   now be called with no arguments.- Changed the loading of the plugin so that vim startup time is improved.- Added a command for showing the current mappings, and a command to extend   this list for user defined mappings
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This is a mirror of

This plugin provides vim with web browsing and html formatting capabilities. 
It includes support for history, bookmarks, text highlighting and more. The 
main motivation is browsing documentation available in html, so don't expect 
to see any flash animation :)

The plugin is implemented using vim's ability to embed perl, so you will 
need to have a perl enabled version of vim to use it. In addition, several 
perl modules are required. The full details are in the INSTALL file.

Documentation is available in pod form in 'browser.pod', and as a usual vim 
help file.

I wrote and tested it with vim version 6.3 and perl 5.8.4 on linux. I expect 
it to work on any variant of unix. An effort was made to make it work on other 
platforms as well, but this remains mostly untested.

Please send me any feedback.


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