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+This is a mirror of
+With bufexplorer, you can quickly and easily switch between buffers by using the one of the default public interfaces:
+ '\be' (normal open) or
+ '\bs' (force horizontal split open) or
+ '\bv' (force vertical split open)
+Once the bufexplorer window is open you can use the normal movement keys (hjkl) to move around and then use <Enter> or <Left-Mouse-Click> to select the buffer you would like to open. If you would like to have the selected buffer opened in a new tab, simply press either <Shift-Enter> or 't'. Please note that when opening a buffer in a tab, that if the buffer is already in another tab, bufexplorer can switch to that tab automatically for you if you would like. More about that in the supplied VIM help.
+Bufexplorer also offers various options including:
+- Display the list of buffers in various sort orders including:
+ - Most Recently Used (MRU) which is the default
+ - Buffer number
+ - File name
+ - File extension
+ - Full file path name
+- Delete buffer from list
+For more about options, sort orders, configuration options, etc. please see the supplied VIM help.
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