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Commits on Nov 5, 2014
  1. Version v7.4.6

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Converted files back to Unix format.  It looks like I had git setup incorrectly and the files got converted to Dos format...
Commits on Oct 26, 2014
  1. Version 7.4.5

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    - Dr Michael Henry suggested to change all noremap commands to nnoremap.  Using noremap is unnecessarily broad and can cause problems, especially for select mode.
    - Revert change where bufexplorer windows was closed even if the target buffer has not been loaded yet.
    - Ivan Ukhov fixed issue with deleting the last window.  This update also fixes as well as another.  If you have say, NERDtree open on the left side and bufexplorer on the right, that bufexplorer would close NERDtree erroneously thinking that it is closing itself.
    - Radoslaw Burny fixed a few bugs that surfaced when bufexplorer is used within winmanager.
Commits on Nov 3, 2013
  1. Version 7.4.2

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Added global option g:bufExplorerDisableDefaultKeyMapping.  This option controls weather the default key mappings (\be, \bs, and \bv) are enabled or not.  See documentation for more information.
  2. Version 7.4.1

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    - First update related to Vim 7.4.
    - I have been asked by several bufexplorer users to put the code on github so that the Vundle plugin could be used to make updates easier.  The code can now be found on github at  For those that use the Vundle plugin, you can add 'Bundle 'jlanzarotta/bufexplorer' to your _vimrc or .vimrc file to get the latest version.
    - Changed license text.
    - Fixed issue with 'hidden'.  If 'hidden' is set, make sure that g:bufExplorerFindActive is set to 0.  Otherwise, when using /bs or /bv, and selecting a buffer, the original buffer will be switched to instead of being opened in the newly created windows.
    - Added new 'b' mapping when the bufExplorer window is opened.  When 'b' is pressed, the user is prompted for the buffer number to switch to, and is is then switched to when <CR> is pressed.  This allows for somewhat faster buffer switching instead of using the j and k keys or the mouse to select the buffer to switch to.
    - Removed 'set nolist' from the Initialize() function as well as the restore of the 'list' setting in the CleanUp() function.  These were causing issues when multiple new files were opened from the command line.  Furthermore, there was really no reason, that I can remember, to why the 'list' setting was saved, modified, and restored anyways.
    - Fixed issue with WinManager integration code not working correctly anymore.
    - Brought back the xnoremap setup for the 'd' and 'D' keys.  These were removed for some reason after version 7.2.8.
    - Thanks to all the contributors and testers.
    - If there are any issues you find or enhancements you would like, let me know.
Commits on Jun 14, 2013
  1. Version 7.3.6

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Removed the 'drop' window command that was causing issue with the argument-list being modified after the BufExplorer windows was displayed.
Commits on Feb 9, 2013
  1. Version 7.3.5

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Michael Henry added the ability to view "No Name" buffers.  This functionality was lost since version 7.3.0.  He also did some removal of "dead" code and cleaned up the code to handle filenames with embedded '"'.
  2. Version 7.3.4

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks go out to John Szakmeister for finding and fixing a bug in the RebuildBufferList method.  The keepjumps line that clears the list could potentially reference a backwards range.
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. Version 7.3.3

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    * Major cleanup and reorganization of the change log.
    * We welcome the return of g:bufExplorerSplitHorzSize and g:bufExplorerSplitVertSize.  When setting these values, anything less than or equal to 0 causes the split windows size to be determined by Vim.  If for example you want your new horizontal split window 10 rows high, set g:bufExplorerSplitHorzSize = 10 in your .vimrc.  Similar would be done if wanting a vertical split except you would use the g:bufExplorerSplitVertSize variable instead.
Commits on Dec 25, 2012
  1. Version 7.2.3@1

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks go out to Michael Henry for pointing out that I completely missed yet another function, ReverseSortSelect(), during the refactoring.  This function has now returned.
  2. Version 7.3.1

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks go out to Brett Rasmussen for pointing out that the feature added way back in version 7.2.3 by Yuriy Ershov to automatically reposition the cursor to the line containing the active buffer, was no longer in the plugin.  That bit of code has been re-added and all is well.
Commits on Oct 21, 2012
  1. Version 7.3.0

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    It has been quite a while since I published a new version and this is the first version since Vim 7.3 was released.
        * Thanks to Tim Johnson for testing out this new version.
        * I have put some time into reworking and cleaning up the code as
        * well as various bug fixes.
        * I have hopefully allowed for better mapping of the main public methods as is explained in the
          bufexplorer-  customization section of the documentation.
        * Add new 'B', 'o', and 'S' key mappings.
        * Overall, I am hopeful that I not forgotten or lost a feature :)
Commits on Nov 5, 2010
  1. Version 7.2.8

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks to Charles Campbell for integrating bufexplorer with GDBMGR.
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 7.2.7

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    This is my first attempt to fix the "cache" issue where buffer information has changed but the cache/display does not reflect those changes. More work still needs to be done. More or less the cache has been disabled.
  2. Version 7.2.6

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks to Michael Henry for pointing out that I totally forgot to update the inline help to reflect the previous change to the 'd' and 'D' keys. Opps!
  3. Version 7.2.5

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Philip Morant suggested switching the command (bwipe) associated with the 'd' key with the command (bdelete) associated with the 'D' key. This made sense since the 'd' key is more likely to be used compared to the 'D' key.
  4. Version 7.2.4

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Fix: I did not implement the patch provided by Godefroid Chapelle correctly. I missed one line which happened to be the most important one :)
  5. Version 7.2.3

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Hopefully I have not let anyone or anything out :)
    - Enhancements:
        * Thanks to David Fishburn for helping me out with a much needed
           code overhaul as well as some awesome performance enhancements.
           He also reworked the handling of tabs.
        * Thanks to Vladimir Dobriakov for making the suggestions on
           enhancing the documentation to include a better explaination of
           what is contained in the main bufexplorer window.
        * Thanks to Yuriy Ershov for added code that when the bufexplorer
           window is opened, the cursor is now positioned at the line with the
           active buffer (useful in non-MRU sort modes).
        * Yuriy also added the abiltiy to cycle through the sort fields in
           reverse order.
    - Fixes:
        * Thanks to Michael Henry for supplying a patch that allows
           bufexplorer to be opened even when there is one buffer or less.
        * Thanks to Godefroid Chapelle for supplying a patch that fixed
           MRU sort order after loading a session.
  6. Version 7.2.2

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks to David L. Dight for spotting and fixing an issue when using ctrl^. bufexplorer would incorrectly handle the previous buffer so that when ctrl^ was pressed the incorrect file was opened.
  7. Version 7.2.1

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    7.2.1  - Fix: * Thanks to Dimitar for spotting and fixing a feature that was inadvertently left out of the previous version. The feature was when bufexplorer was used together with WinManager, you could use the tab key to open a buffer in a split window.
  8. Version 7.2.0

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    - Enhancements:
      * For all those missing the \bs and \bv commands, these have now returned. Thanks to Phil O'Connell for asking for the return of these missing features and helping test out this version.
    - Fixes:
      * Fixed problem with the bufExplorerFindActive code not working correctly.
      * Fixed an incompatibility between bufexplorer and netrw that caused buffers to be incorrectly removed from the MRU list.
  9. Version 7.1.7

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    TaCahiroy fixed several issues related to opening a buffer in a tab.
  10. Version 7.1.6

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
      * Removed ff=unix from modeline in bufexplorer.txt. Found by Bill McCarthy.
  11. Version 7.1.4

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
      * Sometimes when a file's path has 'white space' in it, extra buffers would be created containing each piece of the path. i.e: opening c:\document and settings\test.txt would create a buffer named "and" and a buffer named "Documents". This was reported and fixed by TaCa Yoss.
  12. Version 7.1.3

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Added code to allow only one instance of the plugin to run at a time. Thanks Dennis Hostetler.
  13. Version 7.1.2

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    This is a MAJOR update.
    * Added handling of tabs. (Dave Larson)
    * Removed \bs and \bv commands because these are easier for the user to create horizontal and vertical windows. (Dave Larson)
    * Fixed jumplist issue spotted by JiangJun.
    * Went back to using just a plugin file, instead of both an autoload and plugin file. The splitting of the file caused issues with other plugins. So if you have a prior version of bufexplorer that has an autoload file, please remove autoload\bufexplorer and plugin\bufexplorer before installing this new version.
    * Fixed E493 error spotted by Thomas Arendsen Hein.
    * Minor cosmetic changes.
    * Minor help file changes.
  14. Version 7.0.17

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Fixed issue with 'drop' command. Various enhancements and improvements.
  15. Version 7.0.15

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks to Mark Smithfield for suggesting bufexplorer needed to handle the ':args' command.
    Fixed issue reported by Liu Jiaping on non Windows systems, which was
    Open file1, open file2, modify file1, open bufexplorer, you get the following error:
    Error detected while processing function
    line    4:
    E37: No write since last change (add ! to override)
    But the worse thing is, when I want to save the current buffer and type ':w', I get another error message:
    E382: Cannot write, 'buftype' option is set
  16. Version 7.0.14

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks to Randall Hansen for removing the requirement of terminal versions to be recompiled with 'gui' support so the 'drop' command would work. The 'drop' command is really not needed in terminal versions.
  17. Version 7.0.13

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Fixed Winmanager integration. Thanks to Dave Eggum for another major update. Most notable changes are, improved speed and code clean up. Please see the bufexplorer help for a full list of changes and updates.
  18. Version 7.0.12

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    MAJOR Update. Please Note that this version will ONLY run with Vim version 7.0 or greater.
    Dave Eggum has made some 'significant' updates to this latest version:
      - Added BufExplorerGetAltBuf() global function to be used in the user’s rulerformat.
      - Added g:bufExplorerSplitRight option.
      - Added g:bufExplorerShowRelativePath option with mapping.
      - Added current line highlighting.
      - The split type can now be changed whether bufexplorer is opened in split mode or not.
      - Various major and minor bug fixes and speed improvements.
      - Sort by extension.
      Other improvements/changes:
      - Changed the help key from '?' to <F1> to be more 'standard'.
      - Fixed splitting of vertical bufexplorer window.
  19. Version 7.0.11

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Fixed a couple of highlighting bugs, reported by David Eggum. He also changed passive voice to active on a couple of warning messages.
  20. Version 7.0.10

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Fixed bug report by Xiangjiang Ma. If the 'ssl' option is set, the slash character used when displaying the path was incorrect. Thanks Xiangjiang!
  21. Version 7.0.9

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Martin Grenfell found and eliminated an annoying bug in the bufexplorer/winmanager integration. The bug was were an annoying message would be displayed when a window was split or a new file was opened in a new window. Thanks Martin!
  22. Version 7.0.8

    jeff lanzarotta committed with
    Thanks to Mike Li for catching a bug in the WinManager integration. The bug was related to the incorrect displaying of the buffer explorer's window title.
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