Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 6.2.3

    Thanks to Jay Logan for finding  a bug in the vertical split postion of the code. When selecting that the window was to be split vertically by doing a '\bv', from then on, all splits, i.e. '\bs', were split vertically, even though g:bufExplorerSplitType was not set to 'v'.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Apr 15, 2004
  2. Version 6.2.2

    Thanks to Patrik Modesto for adding a small improvement. For some reason his bufexplorer window was always showing up folded. He added 'setlocal nofoldenable' and it was fixed. If you are having the same problem, this version is for you...
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jan 9, 2004
  3. Version 6.2.1

    Thanks goes out to Takashi Matsuo for added the 'fullPath' sorting logic and option.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Oct 9, 2003
  4. Version 6.2.0

    Thanks goes out to Simon Johann-Günter for spotting and fixing a problem in that the last search pattern is overriden by the search pattern for blank lines.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jun 13, 2003
  5. Version 6.1.6

    Thanks to Artem Chuprina for finding a pesky bug that has been around for sometime now. The <esc> key mapping was causing the buffer explored to close prematurely when vim was run in an xterm. The <esc> key mapping is now removed.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with May 5, 2003
  6. Version 6.1.5: Thanks to Khorev Sergey. Added option to show default …

    …help or not.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Apr 28, 2003
  7. Version 6.1.4

    Thanks goes out to Valery Kondakoff for suggesting the addition of setlocal nonumber and foldcolumn=0. This allows for line numbering and folding to be turned off temporarily while in the explorer.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Mar 18, 2003
  8. Version 6.1.3

    Added the ability to force the newly split window to be temporarily vertical, which was suggested by Thomas Glanzmann. Added folding. Did some code cleanup.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Mar 11, 2003
  9. Version 6.1.2

    Now pressing the <esc> key will quit, just like 'q'. Added folds to hide winmanager configuration. If anyone had the 'C' option in their cpoptions they would receive a E10 error on startup of BufExplorer. cpo is now saved, updated and restored. Thanks to Charles E Campbell, Jr. Attempted to make sure there can only be one BufExplorer window open at a time.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Nov 5, 2002
  10. Version 6.1.1

    Thanks to Brian D. Goodwin for adding toupper to FileNameCmp. This way buffers sorted by name will be in the correct order regardless of case.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Mar 28, 2002
  11. Version 6.0.16

    Thanks to Andre Pang for the original patch/idea to get bufexplorer to work in insertmode/modeless mode (evim). Added Initialize and Cleanup autocommands to handle commands that need to be performed when starting or leaving bufexplorer.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Mar 14, 2002
  12. Version 6.0.14

    Fix a yew more bug that I thought I already had fixed. Thanks to Eric Bloodworth for adding 'Open Mode/Edit in Place'. Added vertical splitting.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Feb 19, 2002
  13. Version 6.0.13

    Thanks to Charles E Campbell, Jr. for pointing out some embarrassing typos that I had in the documentation. I guess I need to run the spell checker more :o)
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Feb 5, 2002
  14. Version 6.0.12

    Thanks to Madoka Machitani, for the tip on adding the augroup command around the MRUList autocommands.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Feb 4, 2002
  15. Version 6.0.11

    Fixed bug report by Xiangjiang Ma. '"=' was being added to the search history which messed up hlsearch.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jan 26, 2002
  16. Version 6.0.10

    Added the necessary hooks so that the winmanager.vim script could more easily integrate with this script. Now the winmanager.vim script should not have to have it's own version of bufexplorer.vim.
    Tried to improve performance.
    Remember to look at 'help: add-local-help' on how to add the help file into the vim help system.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jan 14, 2002
  17. Version 6.0.9

    Now you can sort the buffer list by most recently used (MRU). Please note that this is now a .zip file. Please unzip in your vimfiles, ~/.vim or whatever directory you store your vim stuff in. This file contains \plugin\bufexplorer.vim and \doc\bufexplorer.txt. To add the nifty help to vim look under ':help add-local-help' for more information.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Dec 17, 2001
  18. Version 6.0.8

    Was not resetting the showcmd command correctly.
    Added nifty help file.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Dec 3, 2001
  19. Version 6.0.7

    Thanks to Brett Carlane for some great enhancements. Some are added, some are not, yet. Added highlighting of current and alternate filenames. Added spliting of path/filename toggle. Reworked ShowBuffers(). Changed my email address.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Nov 19, 2001
  20. Version 6.0.6

    Fixed problem with the SortListing() function failing when there was only one buffer to display.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Sep 5, 2001
  21. Version 6.0.5

    Fixed problems reported by David Pascoe, in that you where unable to hit 'd' on a buffer that belonged to a files that nolonger existed and that the 'yank' buffer was being overridden by the help text when the bufexplorer was opened.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Aug 10, 2001
  22. Version 6.0.4

    Thanks to Charles Campbell for making this plugin more plugin *compliant*, adding default keymappings of <Leader>be and <Leader>bs as well as fixing the 'w:sortDirLabel not being defined' bug.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jul 31, 2001
  23. Version 6.0.3

    Added ability to sort buffers by 'buffer number' or 'name' in forward and reverse order.
    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jul 30, 2001
  24. Version 6.0.2: Initial upload

    jeff lanzarotta committed with Jul 25, 2001