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A fast, easy to use buffer list plugin for switching and managing buffers.
Latest commit 4425d1a Feb 9, 2012 @sras sras committed with Version 2.10
    Added  buffer with no name to the list.

    Layout change for buffer list.Made columns to correctly align on top of each other.

    Removed the highlight for current window/buffer. Current window is enclosed in a > < instead

    Made a shorter version of path to show initially, Can toggle detail view using 'm' key.
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This is a mirror of

When the plugin is invoked a horizontal window is opened with a list of buffers. the buffer numbers are also displayed along side. 


github repo :

The user select a buffer by

 1.Entering the buffer number using keyboard. Just start typing the number using keyboard.
 The plugin will search for the buffer with that number and will keep going to the matching
 buffers. Entered number will be shown at the top you can use backspace to edit it.When you 
 are in the desired buffer, press enter or any control keys that are
 displayed at the bottom to execute any command available, on that buffer

 Available commands
 Enter(Replace current buffer) 
 o - (Make window fill with selected buffer )
 h/v - (Horizontal/vertical Split) 
 g - (Go to buffer window if it is visible in a tab) 
 d - (Delete selected buffer) 
 t - (Open buffer in a new tab)
 c - (Clear all the diff views)
 m - Toggle detailed view for files
 x - Close a window, in whatever tab it is displayed.
'-' - (Opens a vertical window showing difference of the selected buffer with the current buffer. The scrolling of the new window will be bound to the current buffer )

 2.Move up or down using the navigation keys to reach the buffer line.

 3.Double click on a buffer line using the mouse. Will immediately switch to
 that buffer

If you are having any issues using the plugin or if you find any bugs, please let me know at 
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