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BuffOptions.vim - Per-buffer options and mappings
Some of Vim's options are set per-buffer, but not all. This extension allows you to set any options and also mappings for a particular buffer or filetype.
The idea is that you push options onto a stack (the old values are in fact what are pushed) with PushOption( ... ) and then restore the values with RestoreOptions().
An extension to the filetypes allow easy use of these macros for a specific filetype. The autocommands filetypeEnter and filetypeLeave have been added.
Base Commands:
PushOption( option1|map1|menu1|abbrev1, value1, ...) - Push any number option/value pairs where:
optionn is a vim 'option' name.
mapn is a map of the form '{n|v|o|i|c}map <lhs>' defining what kind of map is being defined (mandatory with multiple allowed)
abbrevn is an insert mode abbreviation - the abbreviation is set by push and deleted by RestoreOptions() (as it is not possible to silently check for original abbreviations).
menun is a menu setting of the form '{a|n|v|o|i|c}menu <lhs>' defining where the menu is available. <lhs> can include the position of the menu (eg '100.100 Tools.Test')
valuen is the value or mapping to set.
RestoreOptions() - Restore all options to their previous value
autocomd User filetypeEnter - Called on 'BufEnter' of a file of filetype.
autocomd User filetypeLeave - Called on 'BufLeave' of a file of filetype.
ReadFileTypeMap(types, filename) - Source filename with per-buffer map/menu options defaulting to the specified list offiletypes. Lines of the form:
" FileTypes: cpp
aug specialEdit
au User sgmlEnter call PushOptions("keywordprg","/bin/htmlkey")
au User cEnter call PushOptions("breakat",". )&|", "complete",".,k/usr/dict,]", "nmap <c-enter>","<esc>o")
au User cEnter call PushOptions("amenu 10.100 Tools.Compile\\ C",":make<cr>" )
au User sgmlLeave,cLeave call RestoreOptions()
aug END
Per File mappings
This is not really recommended, as it gives the document virus a foot in... so be warned.
GetOptionsFromFile(comment) is a little trick to allow mappings defined for a particular file within the file. The lines recognized are of the form:
<comment>vimexe: <arguments>
where the arguments are the same as for PushOption. And Comment is passed as an argument.
Despite the given example, I would recomend that you map a key to parse the options from a file initially.
Note that the options are cached, so once read, you would have to unlet b:VIMEXE to be able to get it to reparse.
aug MyOpts
au User vimEnter call GetOptionsFromFile('"')
au User vimLeave call RestoreOptions()
aug END
Mappings from filetype files
For when you have a file that is used for the mappings for a particular filetype.
All lines in the file except those starting with map and menu will get executed. Any maps/menus will get inserted into a BuffOption() for the specified filetype
FTExe(Filetypes, command) - Have mapping/menu command executed as a per-buffer option for the specified (comma separated) filetypes
ReadFileTypeMap(filetypes,filename) - Sets all map/menu entries existing in filename to be specific to the filetypes specified and executes all other lines. Comment lines of the form:
"FileTypes: cpp,c,rc,idl
will cause the following maps/menus to be for the specified filetypes. A blank filetype string causes the maps/menus to be executed immediately.
This implementation requires the existance of buffoptions_mac.vim in the same directory as buffoptions.vim
The source code for that is in an if 0 block at the bottom of buffoptions.vim
:SO filename - Call ReadFileTypeMap with blank original filetypes.
let filename =$home.'/vim/txtsettings.vim'
call ReadFileTypeMap('txt',filename)
SO ~/vim/txtsettings.vim
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