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Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 0.9.1

    Steven Mueller committed with vim-scripts May 24, 2005
    Bugfix release: Changed function names to be script-local to avoid conflicts with other scripts' stack implementations.
  2. Version 0.9

    Steven Mueller committed with vim-scripts Jun 8, 2001
    Added synID()-based comment awareness:
    Comment checking is now handled by vim's internal syntax checking.  Closing tags outside comments only matches non-commented tags.  Closing tags in comments matches only tags within comments, skipping blocks of normal code (wee!).  Can be really slow if syn sync minlines is large.  Set the b:closetag_disable_synID variable to disable comment contexts if it's too slow.
    Normal mode closetag now uses <C-R> in insert mode rather than p in normal mode:  Tag closing no longer clobbers the unnamed register, and (for vim 6.0) Doesn't modify the undo buffer when no change was made.  Made closetag_html_style variable buffer-local.  Improved documentation (hopefully).
    Configuration Variables rundown:
    - b:unaryTagsStack            Buffer local string containing a whitespace seperated list of element names that should be ignored while finding matching closetags.  Checking is done according to the current setting of the ignorecase option.
    - b:closetag_html_style       Define this (as with let b:closetag_html_style=1) and source the script again to set the unaryTagsStack to its default value for html.
    - b:closetag_disable_synID    Define this to disable comment checking if tag closing is too slow.
  3. Version 0.8: Initial upload

    Steven Mueller committed with vim-scripts Jun 5, 2001