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Vim ConqueShell Repl

This plugin makes really easy sending input/reading output from REPLs through vim. It has similar goals to the slime.vim plugin but it doesn't need screen or tmux and works with gvim. Instead it it depends on the ConqueShell plugin, so vim must embed python.


If you are using Vundle add this to your vimrc:

Bundle 'Conque-Shell'
Bundle 'tarruda/vim-conque-repl'

Or copy vim-conque-repl.vim to the plugins directory.


This plugin provides some commands that makes simple running REPLs through ConqueShell. With the default configuration F5 and F6 are mapped respectively, but only if they are not mapped yet. The mappings can be customized by setting g:conque_repl_send_key and g:conque_repl_send_buffer_key in your vimrc.

The idea is that you have two buffers in split windows, one where you are editing commands, and another where conqueshell is running a repl for some language(python, ruby, node.js, coffeescript...) or any other process that accepts commands interactively.

With this setup F5 will:

  • If in normal or insert mode, it will send the line under the cursor to the repl.
  • If in visual mode, it will send the selected text to the repl.

F6 will:

  • If in normal or insert mode, it will send the entire buffer to the repl.

Unlike the default ConqueShell commands for sending text, these leave the original buffers focused and with text selected(in case of running in visual mode), transforming vim into a nice multi line command editor with syntax highlighting/indentation.

It also plays nicely with the scratch.vim plugin.