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A Filetype plugin for csv files.

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This is a mirror of

This plugin is used for handling column separated data with Vim. Usually those 
files are called csv files and use the ',' as delimiter, though sometimes they 
use e.g. the '|' or ';' as delimiter and there also exists fixedwidth columns. 
The aim of this plugin is to ease handling these kinds of files.               
This is a filetype plugin for CSV files. It was heavily influenced by          
the Vim Wiki Tip667 (, though it           
works differently.

Also you can create ascii tables using :Table

For a screenshot, of  how the plugin can be used, see

Please vote for the plugin, if you like it!

This little filetype plugin allows among others:
 -  Display on which column the cursor is as well as number of columns
 -  Search for text within a column using :SearchInColumn command
 -  Highlight the column on which the cursor is using :HiColumn command
 -  Visually arrange all columns using :ArrangeColumn command
 -  Delete a Column using :DeleteColumn command
 -  Display a vertical or horizontal header line using :Header or :VHeader command
 -  Sort a Column using :Sort command
 -  Copy Column to register using :Column command
 -  Move a column behind another column using :MoveCol command
 -  Calculate the Sum of all values within a column using :SumCol command (you can also define your
    own custom aggregate functions)
 -  Move through the columns using the normal mode commands 
    (W forwards, H backwards, K upwards, J downwards)
 -  sets up a nice syntax highlighting, concealing the delimiter, if your Vim supports it
 -  dynamic filtering (Press enter on a value and all other lines, that don't have this value in this column
    will be folded away. Press enter on another value and this value will be ANDed to the filter list. Press
    Backspace to delete the last item from the filter list. Press Space to fold all lines, that have the same value
    in the current field, Press Enter to fold all lines, that have a different value in the current field.
    Use :Filters to see what filters are actvie)
 -  Analyze all values of a column (distribution) using :Analyze command
 -  Insert new records, using :NewRecord command
 -  Implement a wizard to setup fixed-width CSV files using :CSVFixed
 -  Hide certain columns, using :VertFold
-   :Table to create ascii type tables (this function is available as plugin for all filetypes)

Please read the help on how to use the plugin
 :h ft-csv.txt
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