A slightly-modified desert theme, for 88- and 256-color xterms.
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1243

These are the colors of the "desert" theme by Hans Fugal with a few small modifications (namely that I lowered the intensity of the normal white and made the normal and nontext backgrounds black), modified to work with 88- and 256-color xterms.

The original "desert" theme is available as part of the vim distribution or at http://hans.fugal.net/vim/colors/.

The real feature of this color scheme, with a wink to the "inkpot" theme, is the programmatic approximation of the gui colors to the palettes of 88- and 256- color xterms.  The functions that do this (folded away, for readability) are calibrated to the colors used for Thomas E. Dickey's xterm (version 200), which is available at http://dickey.his.com/xterm/xterm.html.

I struggled with trying to parse the rgb.txt file to avoid the necessity of converting color names to #rrggbb form, but decided it was just not worth the effort.  Maybe someone seeing this may decide otherwise...