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" So many 256-color schemes merely shift the palette around, displaying only 8
" colors (even though they're a *different* set of 8 colors than default).
" This scheme is more detailed than that.
" The idea is that your eyes will learn to pick up on subtler patterns without
" requiring as much from your conscious mind. (And, I've found, it does work).
" Instead of the goal being merely looking cool, the goal is to maximize info
" bandwidth from the computer to the brain.
" Note that some small effort was taken to be similar to the default vim
" syntax highlighting where it makes sense. That is, "def" is magenta in the
" default, so vim-detailed makes it a shade of purple (and uses different
" shades for all the other magenta things from the default colorscheme).
" Companions to this file are:
" Indent Guides:
" - More languages, other than Ruby. (Contributions will be very welcome)
" - Sync pry-theme to this
" - Figure out why the NO_SHOW__DARNIT's are no-shows
" - Determine if this is slow. ☺
" - GUI colors
" Perhaps redo with:
" - Distinguish between bare things versus contained things:
" - class Foo < Bar is:
" ['rubyBlock','rubyClassDeclaration', 'rubyConstant'] and
" ['rubyBlock', 'rubyConstant']'
" - class Foo
" class_call # ['rubyBlock', 'rubyBlock', 'rubyLocalVariableOrMethod']
" end
" toplevel_stuff ['rubyBlock', 'rubyLocalVariableOrMethod']'
" "osse │ rking: maybe make a new syntax rule where you fiddle with the
" 'contains' argument to :syn"
let colors_name = 'detailed'
" It would be rather hard to make this work on both black and white. If you're
" a big fan of white bg's, let me know, and we can collaborate on a solution.
set bg=dark
" Prevent any screwy setting from causing errors:
let s:save_cpo = &cpo | set cpo&vim
" Show detailed syntax stack
nmap <Leader>dets :call <SID>SynStack()<CR>
fun! <SID>SynStack()
echo map(synstack(line('.'), col('.')), 'synIDattr(v:val, "name")')
" Color Palette {{{
let s:c = {
\'basic8_red (TODO: use this)': 1,
\'basic8_green': 2,
\'basic8_yellow (TODO: use this)': 3,
\'basic8_blue (TODO: use this)': 4,
\'basic8_magenta': 5,
\'basic8_cyan': 6,
\'red52 (TODO: use this)': 52,
\'red88': 88,
\'red124': 124,
\'red160': 160,
\'red196 (TODO: use this)': 196,
\'yellow58 (TODO: use this)': 58,
\'yellow100': 100,
\'yellow136 (TODO: use this)': 136,
\'yellow142 (TODO: use this)': 142,
\'yellow148': 148,
\'yellow178': 178,
\'yellow190': 190,
\'yellow220 (TODO: use this)': 220,
\'orange208': 208,
\'light_yellow230': 229,
\'graygreen': 23,
\'green34': 34,
\'green71': 71,
\'green76 (TODO: use this)': 76,
\'green84': 84,
\'seafoam': 30,
\'seafoam2 (TODO: use this)': 35,
\'teal50': 50,
\'blue19 (TODO: use this)': 19,
\'blue20 (TODO: use this)': 20,
\'blue21 (TODO: use this)': 21,
\'blue75': 75,
\'lavender104': 104,
\'purple53': 53,
\'purple90': 90,
\'purple95 (TODO: use this)': 95,
\'purple99 (TODO: use this)': 79,
\'purple125': 125,
\'purple126': 126,
\'purple127 (TODO: use this)': 127,
\'purple129 (TODO: use this)': 129,
\'purple131': 131,
\'purple141 (TODO: use this)': 141,
\'purple201': 201,
\'purple225': 225,
\'gray16': 16,
\'gray232': 232,
\'gray233': 233,
\'gray234': 234,
\'gray235': 235,
\'gray236': 236,
\'gray237': 237,
\'gray238': 238,
\'gray239': 239,
\'gray240': 240,
\'gray241': 241,
\'gray242': 242,
\'gray243': 243,
\'gray244': 244,
\'gray245': 245,
\'gray246': 246,
\'gray247': 247,
\'gray248': 248,
\'gray249': 249,
\'gray250': 250,
\'gray251': 251,
\'gray252': 252,
\'gray253': 253,
\'gray254': 254,
\'gray255': 255,
" }}}
fun! s:fg(group, color_name, ...)
let cmd = 'hi '.a:group
if 1 == a:0
let cmd .= ' cterm='.a:1
" term=bold cterm=bold ctermfg=135 guifg=Cyan"
let cmd .= ' ctermfg='.s:c[a:color_name]
exe cmd
hi BadWhitespace ctermbg=58
" Basic/Default-like Palette {{{
hi SpecialKey term=bold ctermfg=81 guifg=Cyan
hi NonText term=bold ctermfg=12 gui=bold guifg=Blue
hi Directory term=bold ctermfg=159 guifg=Cyan
hi ErrorMsg term=standout ctermfg=15 ctermbg=1 guifg=White guibg=Red
hi IncSearch term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi Search term=reverse ctermfg=0 ctermbg=11 guifg=Black guibg=Yellow
hi MoreMsg term=bold ctermfg=121 gui=bold guifg=SeaGreen
hi ModeMsg term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi LineNr term=underline ctermfg=11 guifg=Yellow
hi CursorLineNr term=bold ctermfg=11 gui=bold guifg=Yellow
hi Question term=standout ctermfg=121 gui=bold guifg=Green
hi StatusLine term=bold,reverse cterm=bold,reverse gui=bold,reverse
hi StatusLineNC term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi VertSplit term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi Title term=bold ctermfg=225 gui=bold guifg=Magenta
hi Visual term=reverse ctermbg=242 guibg=DarkGrey
hi VisualNOS term=bold,underline cterm=bold,underline gui=bold,underline
hi WarningMsg term=standout ctermfg=224 guifg=Red
hi WildMenu term=standout ctermfg=0 ctermbg=11 guifg=Black guibg=Yellow
hi Folded term=standout ctermfg=14 ctermbg=242 guifg=Cyan guibg=DarkGrey
hi FoldColumn term=standout ctermfg=14 ctermbg=242 guifg=Cyan guibg=Grey
hi DiffAdd term=bold ctermbg=4 guibg=DarkBlue
hi DiffChange term=bold ctermbg=5 guibg=DarkMagenta
hi DiffDelete term=bold ctermfg=12 ctermbg=6 gui=bold guifg=Blue guibg=DarkCyan
hi DiffText term=reverse cterm=bold ctermbg=9 gui=bold guibg=Red
hi SignColumn term=standout ctermfg=14 ctermbg=242 guifg=Cyan guibg=Grey
hi Conceal ctermfg=7 ctermbg=242 guifg=LightGrey guibg=DarkGrey
hi SpellBad term=reverse ctermbg=9 gui=undercurl guisp=Red
hi SpellCap term=reverse ctermbg=12 gui=undercurl guisp=Blue
hi SpellRare term=reverse ctermbg=13 gui=undercurl guisp=Magenta
hi SpellLocal term=underline ctermbg=14 gui=undercurl guisp=Cyan
hi Pmenu ctermfg=0 ctermbg=13 guibg=Magenta
hi PmenuSel ctermfg=0 ctermbg=242 guibg=DarkGrey
hi PmenuSbar ctermbg=248 guibg=Grey
hi PmenuThumb ctermbg=15 guibg=White
hi TabLine term=underline cterm=underline ctermfg=15 ctermbg=242 gui=underline guibg=DarkGrey
hi TabLineSel term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi TabLineFill term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi CursorColumn term=reverse ctermbg=242 guibg=Grey40
hi CursorLine term=underline cterm=underline guibg=Grey40
hi ColorColumn term=reverse ctermfg=9 ctermbg=12 guifg=black guibg=lightgrey
hi MatchParen term=reverse ctermbg=6 guibg=DarkCyan
hi Comment term=bold ctermfg=14 guifg=#80a0ff
hi Constant term=underline ctermfg=13 guifg=#ffa0a0
hi Special term=bold ctermfg=224 guifg=Orange
hi Identifier term=underline cterm=bold ctermfg=14 guifg=#40ffff
hi Statement term=bold ctermfg=11 gui=bold guifg=#ffff60
hi PreProc term=underline ctermfg=81 guifg=#ff80ff
hi Type term=underline ctermfg=121 gui=bold guifg=#60ff60
hi Underlined term=underline cterm=underline ctermfg=81 gui=underline guifg=#80a0ff
hi Ignore ctermfg=0 guifg=bg
hi Error term=reverse ctermfg=15 ctermbg=9 guifg=White guibg=Red
hi Todo term=standout ctermfg=0 ctermbg=11 guifg=Blue guibg=Yellow
" }}}
" Default links {{{
hi link String Constant
hi link Character Constant
hi link Number Constant
hi link Boolean Constant
hi link Float Number
hi link Function Identifier
hi link Conditional Statement
hi link Repeat Statement
hi link Label Statement
hi link Operator Statement
hi link Keyword Statement
hi link Include PreProc
hi link Define PreProc
hi link Macro PreProc
hi link PreCondit PreProc
hi link StorageClass Type
hi link Structure Type
hi link Typedef Type
hi link Tag Special
hi link SpecialChar Special
hi link Delimiter Special
hi link SpecialComment Special
hi link Debug Special
hi link mailQuoted1 Type
hi link GPGWarning WarningMsg
hi link GPGError ErrorMsg
hi link GPGHighlightUnknownRecipient ErrorMsg
hi link rubyConditional Conditional
hi link rubyExceptional rubyConditional
hi link rubyMethodExceptional rubyDefine
hi link rubyTodo Todo
hi link rubyStringEscape Special
hi link rubyQuoteEscape rubyStringEscape
" hi rubyInterpolation cleared
hi link rubyClassVariable rubyIdentifier
hi link rubyGlobalVariable rubyIdentifier
hi link rubyPredefinedVariable rubyPredefinedIdentifier " Hrm?
hi link rubyInvalidVariable Error
hi link rubyNoInterpolation rubyString
hi link rubyFunction Function
hi link rubyException Exception
hi link rubyKeyword Keyword
hi link rubyPredefinedIdentifier rubyIdentifier
" Not typically the job of a color scheme, but I typo this one too often to
" have no special highlighting
syn match rubyInitialize '\<initialize\>' contained containedin=rubyMethodDeclaration
call s:fg('rubyInitialize', 'green84')
call s:fg('Exception', 'orange208') " Like default yellow but more warny.
call s:fg('rubyConstant', 'green34')
call s:fg('rubyClass', 'purple126', 'bold')
call s:fg('rubyModule', 'purple126')
call s:fg('rubyDefine', 'basic8_magenta')
call s:fg('rubyInclude', 'purple53')
call s:fg('rubyMethodBlock', 'gray250') " Contents of methods, basically
call s:fg('rubyDoBlock', 'light_yellow230')
call s:fg('rubyBlock', 'purple225')
" call s:fg('rubyLocalVariableOrMethod', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
call s:fg('rubyInstanceVariable', 'blue75')
"TODO: call s:fg('rubyDelimEscape', '')
call s:fg('rubyString', 'red88')
call s:fg('rubyInterpolationDelimiter', 'gray244')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpSpecial', 'seafoam')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpComment', 'gray238')
" call s:fg('rubyRegexpParens', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" call s:fg('rubyRegexpBrackets', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpCharClass', 'basic8_green')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpQuantifier', 'yellow148')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpEscape', 'purple90', 'bold')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpAnchor', 'purple90')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpDot', 'green34')
call s:fg('rubyRegexpDelimiter', 'red88', 'bold')
call s:fg('rubyRegexp', 'red160')
call s:fg('rubyASCIICode', 'green71')
call s:fg('rubyPseudoVariable', 'purple125')
call s:fg('rubyInteger', 'red124')
call s:fg('rubyFloat', 'red160')
" call s:fg('rubyBlockArgument', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
call s:fg('rubySymbol', 'lavender104')
call s:fg('rubyBlockParameter', 'basic8_cyan', 'bold')
call s:fg('rubyBlockParameterList', 'graygreen')
hi link rubyPredefinedConstant rubyPredefinedIdentifier " TODO
hi link rubyStringDelimiter Delimiter " TODO
hi link rubySymbolDelimiter rubyStringDelimiter " TODO
" call s:fg('rubyHeredocStart', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" call s:fg('rubyAliasDeclaration2', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" call s:fg('rubyAliasDeclaration', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
call s:fg('rubyBoolean', 'purple131')
" hi rubyMethodDeclaration cleared
hi link rubyOperator Operator " TODO
hi link rubyPseudoOperator rubyOperator " -= /= **= *= etc
" call s:fg('rubyClassDeclaration', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" call s:fg('rubyModuleDeclaration', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
hi link rubyControl Statement " TODO
hi link rubyBeginEnd Statement " TODO
call s:fg('rubyAccess', 'yellow100')
call s:fg('rubyAttribute', 'yellow178')
call s:fg('rubyEval', 'yellow190')
call s:fg('rubyConditionalModifier', 'yellow148', 'bold')
" hi rubyConditionalExpression cleared
call s:fg('rubyRepeat', 'yellow178')
" TODO: call s:fg('rubyOptionalDo', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO: call s:fg('rubyOptionalDoLine', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" hi rubyRepeatExpression cleared
call s:fg('rubySharpBang', 'gray238')
hi link rubySpaceError rubyError
call s:fg('rubyComment', 'gray241')
" hi rubyMultilineComment cleared
hi link rubyDocumentation Comment
" hi rubyKeywordAsMethod cleared
call s:fg('rubyDataDirective', 'purple201')
call s:fg('rubyData', 'gray245')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyIdentifier', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyError', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyRepeatModifier', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT') " while/until
" TODO call s:fg('rubyCurlyBlock', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyArrayDelimiter', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyArrayLiteral', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyBlockExpression', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyCaseExpression', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyNestedParentheses', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyNestedCurlyBraces', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyNestedAngleBrackets', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
" TODO call s:fg('rubyNestedSquareBrackets', 'NO_SHOW__DARNIT')
call s:fg('rubyRailsARAssociationMethod', 'teal50')
" Rainbow-Parens Improved {{{
" Inlined from v2.3 of
" 1. to remove the external dep, 2. to work around vim-rails resetting it.
" Thanks!
fun! s:fatpacked_rainbow_parens()
let guifgs = exists('g:rainbow_guifgs')? g:rainbow_guifgs : [
\ 'DarkOrchid3', 'RoyalBlue3', 'SeaGreen3',
\ 'DarkOrange3', 'FireBrick',
\ ]
let ctermfgs = exists('g:rainbow_ctermfgs')? g:rainbow_ctermfgs : [
\ 'darkgray', 'Darkblue', 'darkmagenta',
\ 'darkcyan', 'darkred', 'darkgreen',
\ ]
let max = has('gui_running')? len(guifgs) : len(ctermfgs)
let cmd = 'syn region %s matchgroup=%s start=/%s/ end=/%s/ containedin=%s contains=%s'
let str = 'TOP'
for each in range(1, max)
let str .= ',lv'.each
for [left , right] in [['(',')'],['\[','\]'],['{','}']]
for each in range(1, max - 1)
exe printf(cmd, 'lv'.each, 'lv'.each.'c', left, right, 'lv'.(each+1) , str)
exe printf(cmd, 'lv'.max, 'lv'.max.'c', left, right, 'lv1' , str)
for id in range(1 , max)
let ctermfg = ctermfgs[(max - id) % len(ctermfgs)]
let guifg = guifgs[(max - id) % len(guifgs)]
exe 'hi default lv'.id.'c ctermfg='.ctermfg.' guifg='.guifg
au Syntax * call s:fatpacked_rainbow_parens()
" }}}
let &cpo = s:save_cpo
" vim:foldmethod=marker
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