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This is a mirror of
vim-djangojump plugin is used for
jumping between url, view function and
template immediately.
note: now open vim at django project\&#039s
root path where has file
author: zack
1. url => view function
:DUrltoview /app1/overview/
2. view function ==> template file
:DViewtotpl (at line which contains
template\&#039s name)
example code:
(*) return render_to_response(\\\"index.html\\\")
cursor at this line(*) and call command
3. template file ==> view function
4. js which template includes ==> js source file
css which template includes ==> css source file
5. reload cache
6. url ==> template file
:DUrltotpl /xxx/yyy/
install details
linux platform is ok, it&#039s not tested under windows platform, maybe it can work correctly.
1. copy djangojump.vim to ~/.vim/plugin/ folder
2. open vim at django project root folder, then you can use these commands
note: this plugin need python2.6+ support, at first opening vim, it would be slow, but after it would work normally.
template ==> view function
nmap <c-d><c-t> :DTpltoview<CR>
view function ==> view
nmap <c-d><c-v> :DViewtotpl<CR>
url ==> view function
nmap <c-d><c-u> :DUrltoview
template ==> script(js, css)
nmap <c-d><c-s> :DGotoscript<CR>
reload cache if add file or remove file
nmap <c-d><c-r> :DReloadCache<CR>
url ==> template file
nmap <c-d><c-i> :DUrltotpl<CR>