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Mar 07, 2012

  1. Version 1.13

    Thilo Six <T dot Six at gmx dot de> sent a patch for cpoptions.
    See the discussion at
    =?UTF-8?B?Q2hyaXN0aWFuIEJyw7xzc293?= authored committed

Oct 18, 2010

  1. Version 1.12

    Josh Grams send a patch to allow the parenthesis comments at the beginning of a line. That patch also fixed a typo in one of the comments. Thank you :-)
    I have only tested the file with Vim 7.2, but I think it will also work with Vim 6.X.
    =?UTF-8?B?Q2hyaXN0aWFuIEJyw7xzc293?= authored committed
  2. Version 1.11

    Shawn K. Quinn <sjquinn at speakeasy dot net> send a big patch with
    new words commonly used in Forth programs or defined by GNU Forth.
    I also fixed a typo in closing words for class and object definition.
    =?UTF-8?B?Q2hyaXN0aWFuIEJyw7xzc293?= authored committed
  3. Version 1.10

    Benjamin Krill send me a nice patch to highlight "space errors" in comments (e.g. trailing spaces and/or tabs). Thanks :-)
    =?UTF-8?B?Q2hyaXN0aWFuIEJyw7xzc293?= authored committed
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