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Additional indentation rules for Fortran 95 and Fortran 90
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Latest commit c9538aa =?UTF-8?B?U8OpYmFzdGllbiBCdXJ0b24=?= committed with Version 0.4
Update indentation rules for subroutine, function and forall statements (it now supports "recursive" statement and "type function", thank you Hong Xu!), e.g.: "recursive pure subroutine", "elemental integer(2) function", "type(my_type) function"...
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indent Version 0.4
README Version 0.3


This is a mirror of

This script provides additional indentation rules (continued statements; preprocessor instructions; subroutine, function and forall statements) to Ajit J. Thakkar's Vim indent script for Fortran free source form.
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