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A simple Git Log and History diff tool
tag: 1.1.0

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Version: 1.1.0

Git log and diff plugin for vim.


This is a simple Vim plugin that will bring up the history of a given file. It will list the history in the window-pane on the left of the screen. If you hit enter it will diff that commit against the current revision loaded.

In the log window __gitlog__ the two following commands work:

_o_         opens the file. This will simply open the file in a new window.
_\<cr\>_    This will open the file and diff it against the window that was active when it was lauched.

In the Branch window:

<cr>        This will change the log window to the branch selected. It does not change the current
            branch of the given repository.


Simply copy the contents of the plugin directory to the plugin directory in your git installation.

You will need to map the toggle function to use it.

map <silent> <f7> :call GITLOG_ToggleWindows()

And the should be it.


  1. It is not colour coded yet, it will be.

Licence and Copyright

                  Copyright (c) 2012 Peter Antoine
                         All rights Reserved.
                 Released Under the Artistic Licence
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