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Version 1.5: Hand-optimize for javascript, scala, css, and CtrlP.

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1 parent 682dddf commit d15f1aff95cd7da4c4a574afea54a0fea00e0681 @nielsmadan nielsmadan committed with Oct 14, 2012
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@@ -22,5 +22,5 @@ Clojure:
-Languges supported: C, python, clojure, vimscript, xml, html, and ruby
-Plugins supported: minibufexplorer, vim-easymotion, vimdiff
+Languges supported: C, python, ruby, javascript, clojure, scala, vimscript, xml, html, and css
+Plugins supported: minibufexplorer, vim-easymotion, vimdiff, CtrlP
45 colors/harlequin.vim
@@ -152,11 +152,11 @@ call s:HI('Pmenu', {'guibg': s:greys[5]})
call s:HI('Pmenu', {'guifg': '#66D9EF'})
call s:HIx('DiffDelete', {'guifg': s:auburn, 'guibg': s:auburn})
-call s:HIx('DiffText', {'guibg': s:greys[3], 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HIx('DiffText', {'guibg': s:greys[3]})
call s:HIx('DiffChange', {'guibg': s:greys[4]})
call s:HIx('DiffAdd', {'guibg': s:moss})
-call s:HI('Underlined', {'gui': 'underline'})
+call s:HIx('Underlined', {'gui': 'underline'})
call s:HI('Directory', {'guifg': s:lime})
call s:HI('Question', {'guifg': s:lime})
@@ -185,6 +185,16 @@ call s:HI('rubyStringDelimiter', {'guifg': s:sunny})
call s:HI('rubyInterpolation', {'guifg': s:lilac})
call s:HI('rubyInterpolationDelimiter', {'guifg': s:lilac})
+"*** JAVASCRIPT ***
+call s:HI('javaScriptNull', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('javaScriptNumber', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('javaScriptFunction', {'guifg': s:cerise})
+call s:HI('javaScriptOperator', {'guifg': s:cerise, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('javaScriptBraces', {'guifg': s:text})
+call s:HI('javaScriptIdentifier', {'guifg': s:brick})
+call s:HI('javaScriptMember', {'guifg': s:gold})
+call s:HI('javaScriptType', {'guifg': s:gold})
"*** CLOJURE ***
call s:HI('clojureDefine', {'guifg': s:cerise})
call s:HI('clojureSpecial', {'guifg': s:cerise})
@@ -193,6 +203,10 @@ call s:HI('clojureParen0', {'guifg': s:text})
call s:HI('clojureMacro', {'guifg': s:lime, 'gui': 'bold'})
call s:HI('clojureDispatch', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+"*** SCALA ***
+call s:HI('scalaClassName', {'guifg': s:gold})
+call s:HI('scalaConstructor', {'guifg': s:text})
"*** VIMSCRIPT ***
call s:HI('vimCommentTitle', {'guifg': s:frost, 'gui': 'bold'})
call s:HI('vimParenSep', {'guifg': s:text})
@@ -214,13 +228,34 @@ call s:HI('xmlEntityPunct', {'guifg': s:lilac})
call s:HI('htmlTagName', {'guifg': s:gold})
call s:HI('htmlTag', {'guifg': s:gold})
call s:HI('htmlTagN', {'guifg': s:gold})
+call s:HI('htmlEvent', {'guifg': s:brick})
+call s:HI('htmlEventDQ', {'guifg': s:lime})
call s:HI('htmlH1', {'gui': 'bold'})
call s:HI('htmlH2', {'gui': 'bold'})
call s:HI('htmlH3', {'gui': 'italic'})
call s:HI('htmlH4', {'gui': 'italic'})
-call s:HI('htmlTagN', {'guifg': s:gold})
call s:HI('htmlScriptTag', {'guifg': s:lime})
+call s:HI('javaScript', {'guifg': s:text})
+"*** CSS ***
+call s:HI('cssSelectorOp', {'guifg': s:text})
+call s:HI('cssSelectorOp2', {'guifg': s:text})
+call s:HI('cssBraces', {'guifg': s:text})
+call s:HI('cssPseudoClass', {'guifg': s:lime})
+call s:HI('cssValueNumber', {'guifg': s:lilac})
+call s:HI('cssValueLength', {'guifg': s:lilac})
+call s:HI('cssColor', {'guifg': s:lilac})
+call s:HI('cssImportant', {'guifg': s:lime, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssCommonAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssRenderAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssBoxAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssUIAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssTextAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssTableAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
+call s:HI('cssColorAttr', {'guifg': s:lilac, 'gui': 'bold'})
"*** minibufexpl ***
call s:HI('MBENormal', {'guifg': s:greys[1]})
call s:HI('MBEVisibleNormal', {'guifg': s:white, 'gui': 'bold'})
@@ -232,3 +267,7 @@ call s:HI('MBEVisibleChangedActive', {'guifg': s:frost, 'gui': 'bold,italic'})
"*** vim-easymotion ***
call s:HI('EasyMotionTarget', {'guifg': s:cerise, 'gui': 'bold'})
call s:HI('EasyMotionShade', {'guifg': s:greys[2]})
+"*** CtrlP ***
+call s:HI('CtrlPNoEntries', {'guifg': s:mordant})
+call s:HI('CtrlPPrtBase', {'gui': 'bold'})

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