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" File: hickop.vim
" Version: 1.1
" Author: hickop <>
" Description: simple dark colorscheme for vim and gvim
hi clear
set background=dark
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="hickop"
if has("gui_running")
let s:v=" gui"
let s:bla="#262626"
let s:whi="#c6c6c6"
let s:gr1="#6c6c6c"
let s:gr2="#303030"
let s:red="#af5f5f"
let s:gre="#87af87"
let s:bro="#af875f"
let s:yel="#d7af5f"
let s:pur="#af5f87"
let s:blu="#5f87af"
let s:cya="#87afd7"
let s:v=" cterm"
let s:bla="235"
let s:whi="251"
let s:gr1="242"
let s:gr2="236"
let s:red="131"
let s:gre="108"
let s:bro="137"
let s:yel="179"
let s:pur="132"
let s:blu="67"
let s:cya="110"
exe "hi Normal" .s:v.'fg='.s:whi.s:v.'bg='.s:bla
exe "hi NonText" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr1 .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi ErrorMsg" .s:v.'bg='.s:red
exe "hi IncSearch" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg=fg' .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi Search" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:bro
exe "hi MoreMsg" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi LineNr" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr1.s:v.'bg='.s:gr2
exe "hi CursorLineNr".s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'bg='.s:gr2
exe "hi Question" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi StatusLine" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi StatusLineNC".s:v.'fg='.s:gr1.s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi VertSplit" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr2.s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi Title" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi Visual" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg=fg'
exe "hi WarningMsg" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi WildMenu" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:bro
exe "hi Folded" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr1.s:v.'bg='.s:gr2
exe "hi FoldColumn" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr1.s:v.'bg='.s:gr2
exe "hi DiffAdd" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:gre
exe "hi DiffChange" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:blu
exe "hi DiffDelete" .s:v.'fg='.s:red.s:v.'bg='.s:red.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi DiffText" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:cya.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi SignColumn" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'bg=bg'
exe "hi Pmenu" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:gr1
exe "hi PmenuSel" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'bg='.s:gr1
exe "hi PmenuSbar" .s:v.'bg='.s:gr1
exe "hi PmenuThumb" .s:v.'fg=fg'
exe "hi TabLine" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr1.s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi TabLineSel" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'bg=bg' .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi TabLineFill" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi CursorLine" .s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi ColorColumn" .s:v.'bg='.s:gr2.s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi MatchParen" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:bro
exe "hi Comment" .s:v.'fg='.s:gr1
exe "hi Constant" .s:v.'fg='.s:pur
exe "hi Error" .s:v.'fg=fg' .s:v.'bg='.s:red
exe "hi Identifier" .s:v.'fg='.s:cya .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi PreProc" .s:v.'fg='.s:blu .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi Special" .s:v.'fg='.s:yel
exe "hi Statement" .s:v.'fg='.s:bro .s:v.'=NONE'
exe "hi Todo" .s:v.'fg=bg' .s:v.'bg='.s:bro
exe "hi Type" .s:v.'fg='.s:gre .s:v.'=NONE'