Plugin for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ include directive completion.
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This is a mirror of

This is a completion plugin for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ preprocessors include directive.

It can complete both "" and <> forms of #include.
For "" it gets all header files in the parent directory of current buffer or in any directory specified by a relative path.
And for <> it gets all files that have hpp or h extensions or don't have any.

You can complete files and directories.

It can be configured to use GNU find utility if you think it's faster than using VimL functions.

Source for "" completion is directory in which current file is located.

Sources for <> completion are:
 - 'path' option (on *nix it's set to '/usr/include' by default, but on Windows you should set it to the right directories manually)
 - g:clang_user_options ('-I' keys)
 - b:clang_user_options ('-I' keys) 

You can always find the latest version on github: 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.