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This is a mirror of
indent-motion is a Vim plugin which maps `<Leader>[` and `<Leader>]` in normal, visual, and operator-pending modes to move to the beginning and end (respectively) of your current indentation-delimited block (`<Leader>` refers to your current user-defined "mapleader", which is `\` by default).
For example (using JavaScript):
function foo(a, b, c) {
var x = 1;
var y = 2;
if (x == y) {
alert("This will never happen!");
In the above snippet, if the cursor is positioned on the `var x = 1;` line, then `<Leader>]` will move the cursor to the next-to-last line (closing brace of the conditional block) and `<Leader>[` will move it back to the original location. If the cursor is positioned on the `alert` call, then `<Leader>]` will move down 1 line to `++y;`.
If one of the mappings is executed on an empty line (containing no characters, not even whitespace), then the assumed indentation will be that of the next non-empty line, where "next" is in the direction of the requested motion.
Currently, the mappings are not configurable, but this can easily be changed upon request.