A script for automatically generating JavaDoc comments
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=20

Updated 29.12.2002 KB

Generates JavaDoc (and some other) comments for java-sources. This is triggered by executing the JCommentWriter()-function while the cursor is over something meaningfull, or if a selection exists, the selected text is parsed and the comment template is generated based on that.

The following comments are generated (in the appropriate situations):
1. File comments: user specifies the template, generated when the cursor is on the first line of the file.
2. Class comments: generated when on top of a class declaration
3. Method comments: generated when on top of a metod declaration. @return, @params, and @throws are generated, if applicable. If executed on a method declaration which already has JavaDoc-comments, updates the javadoc-comments by removing/adding tags as needed.
4.  Field comments. Simply adds an empty JavaDoc-comment template above the field declaration
5. Copy @<name> -tags. When executed on @something, creates a tag with the same name directly above the line the cursor is currently on.
6. @throws for RuntimeExceptions. When executed on a line containing something like "throw new RuntimeException()", a @throws-tag is added to the previous JavaDoc-comment.
7. Block-end comments. When executed on a line containing a '}'-character and possibly some whitespace (but nothing else), generates a one-line-comment describing what block the '}' is terminating. For example, the comment for "aVeryLongMethod" is  "// END: aVeryLongMethod".

There are a bunch of other functions to support the comment generation (see the start of the script for full documentation). The style of the comment templates is configurable (see the file for configuration and description of the options)