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jsruntime.vim (Javascript runtime in Vim)

It use PyV8 as javascript interpreter. if PyV8 not supported, it use node, cscript, spiderMonkey as fallbacks.


Copy everything inside plugin to plugin directory of your vim


It provide the following functions

  1. b:jsruntimeEvalScript({script}, {renew_context})

     :echo b:jsruntimeEvalScript('1+2')
     // output 3

    renew_context is a flag to indicate whether keep the context created by script before

     :call b:jsruntimeEvalScript('a=3')  // we create a context
     :echo b:jsruntimeEvalScript('a;') // we eval this script in context created before
     // output 1
     :echo b:jsruntimeEvalScript('a;',1) // we eval this script in new context
     // output undefined

    renew_context is not guaranteed support, if not support renew_context will always be 1.

    you can use g:jsruntime_support_living_context to check whether living_context is support

  2. b:jsruntimeEvalScriptInBrowserContext

    because we only implement browser interface using PyV8, so if PyV8 is not supported, this function will not exist, check existence before use

     // vim script
     if exists('b:jsruntimeEvalScriptInBrowserContext')
         // do what you like


     :call b:jsruntimeEvalScriptInBrowserContext('<html><body onload="console.log(1+2);"><p></p></body></html>')
     //output 3

It aslo provide g:loaded_jsruntime to detect whether jsruntime plugin is loaded

if !exists("g:loaded_jsruntime")
    echoerr('jsruntime.vim is required, plz visit')