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Renamed to vim less

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@@ -1,6 +1,3 @@
-This is a mirror of
+This script has been renamed to vim less.
-I just begin to use less( It can help us to write css more productivity.
-But I just can not find a less syntax file for vim, so I wrote a simple one.
-I am just new to vim, and this is the very first script for vim I've written.
-Just take your decision.
72 syntax/less.vim
@@ -1,72 +0,0 @@
-" Vim syntax fle
-" Language: Less
-" Author: Kohpoll (
-" Inspired by the syntax files of scss and css.
-" Licensed under MIT.
-" Last Modified: 2012-03-12
-if exists("b:current_syntax")
- finish
-runtime! syntax/css.vim
-syn case ignore
-syn region lessDefinition matchgroup=cssBraces start="{" end="}" contains=css.*Attr,css.*Prop,cssComment,cssValue.*,cssColor,cssUrl,cssImportant,cssError,cssStringQ,cssStringQQ,cssFunction,cssUnicodeEscape,lessVariable,lessFunction,lessMixinValue,lessNamespaceValue,lessAmpersand,lessDefinition,lessNestedSelector
-"syn region lessInterpolation start="@{" end="}" contains=@Spell
-syn match lessAmpersand "&" nextgroup=cssPseudoClass
-syn match lessVariable "@[[:alnum:]_-]\+" nextgroup=lessVariableAssignment
-syn match lessVariableAssignment ":" contained nextgroup=lessVariableValue
-syn match lessVariableValue ".*;"me=e-1 contained contains=lessVariable,lessOperator
-"syn match lessMixin "^\.\{1}" nextgroup=lessMixinName
-"syn match lessMixinName "[[:alnum:]_-]\+" contained nextgroup=lessMixinArgument
-"syn match lessMixinArgument "\s*(\=.\{-})\=" contained nextgroup=lessDefinition
-syn match lessMixinValue "\s*\.\{1}[[:alnum:]_-]\+" contained
-"syn match lessNamespace "#[[:alnum:]_-]\+" nextgroup=lessNamespaceName
-"syn match lessNamespaceName "[[:alunum]_-]\+" contained nextgroup=lessNamespaceReference
-"syn match lessNamespaceReference "\s*>\s*" contained
-syn match lessNamespaceValue "\s*#[[:alnum:]_-]\+\s*>"me=e-1 contained
-syn match lessImport "@import " nextgroup=cssStringQQ
-syn match lessComment "//.*$" contains=@Spell
-syn match lessOperator "+" contained
-syn match lessOperator "-" contained
-syn match lessOperator "/" contained
-syn match lessOperator "*" contained
-syn keyword lessFunction round ceil floor percentage
-syn keyword lessFunction lighten darken saturate desaturate fadein fadeout fade spin mix hue hsl
-syn match lessNestedSelector "[^/]* {"me=e-1 contained contains=cssTagName,cssIdentifier,cssClassName,cssAttributeSelector,cssSelectorOp,cssSelectorOp2,lessAmpersand,lessVariable,lessInterpolation,lessNestedProperty
-syn match lessNestedProperty "[[:alnum:]]\+:"me=e-1 contained
-hi def link lessVariable Type
-hi def link lessVariableValue Constant
-hi def link lessFunction PreProc
-hi def link lessNamespaceValue PreProc
-hi def link lessMixinValue StorageClass
-"hi def link lessMixin PreProc
-"hi def link lessMixinName PreProc
-"hi def link lessMixinArgument Constant
-hi def link lessAmpersand Delimiter
-hi def link lessImport Delimiter
-"hi def link lessInterpolation Delimiter
-hi def link lessComment Comment
-"hi def link lessOperator Operator
-let b:current_syntax = "less"
-" 1.0
-" - First version.May be problems here and there.
-" - FIX:I can not find ways to exactly define mixin(e.g: .mixinName) and namespace(e.g: #bundle > .util), as they are just the same as class and id of css selector.
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