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This is a vim plugin for the Vundle users. seperated from my previous forked vundle repo to a single plugin.

It will move all file of the bundles in ~/.vim/bundle/ into ~/.vim/localbundle/

and remove runtimepath of these bundles. and add ~/.vim/localbundle/ to &rtp.

This will greatly increasing the loading and working speed with a big numbers of bundles.

  • Command:


    This will copy all bundles in ~/.vim/bundle/ into ~/.vim/localbundle/

    Also it will reset the &rtp, and will generate the help tag file.

  • Install and Useage

    Use it with Vundle. Put this in your vimrc, should be put at the end of your Bundle part:

    Bundle 'Rykka/localbundle.vim'
    call localbundle#init()

    g:localbundle_rtp can be used to add another &rtp if needed.