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+This is a mirror of
+The matchit.vim script allows you to configure % to match more than just
+single characters. You can match words and even regular expressions.
+Also, matching treats strings and comments (as recognized by the
+syntax highlighting mechanism) intelligently.
+The default ftplugins include settings for several languages:
+Ada, ASP with VBS, Csh, DTD, Essbase, Fortran, HTML, JSP
+(same as HTML), LaTeX, Lua, Pascal, SGML, Shell, Tcsh, Vim, XML.
+(I no longer keep track, so there may be others.)
+The documentation (included in the zip file) explains how to configure
+the script for a new language and how to modify the defaults.
+Since vim 6.0, matchit.vim has been included in the standard vim distribution,
+under the macros/ directory; the version here may be more recent.
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