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" =============================================================================
" File: mayansmoke.vim
" Description: Vim color scheme file
" Maintainer: Jeet Sukumaran (GUI colors); Clayton Parker (cterm colors)
" =============================================================================
" Initialization and Setup {{{1
" =============================================================================
set background=light
highlight clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "mayansmoke"
" }}}
" Normal Color {{{1
" =============================================================================
hi Normal gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=#F4F4E8
" }}}
" Highlight Groups {{{1
" =============================================================================
" Groups (see ':help highlight-groups'):
" ColorColumn highlight to use with ':set colorcolumn'
" Cursor the character under the cursor
" CursorIM like Cursor, but used when in IME mode |CursorIM|
" CursorColumn the screen column that the cursor is in when 'cursorcolumn' is set
" CursorLine the screen line that the cursor is in when 'cursorline' is set
" Directory directory names (and other special names in listings)
" DiffAdd diff mode: Added line |diff.txt|
" DiffChange diff mode: Changed line |diff.txt|
" DiffDelete diff mode: Deleted line |diff.txt|
" DiffText diff mode: Changed text within a changed line |diff.txt|
" ErrorMsg error messages on the command line
" VertSplit the column separating vertically split windows
" Folded line used for closed folds
" FoldColumn 'foldcolumn'
" SignColumn column where |signs| are displayed
" IncSearch 'incsearch' highlighting; also used for the text replaced with ":s///c"
" LineNr Line number for ":number" and ":#" commands, and when 'number' option is set.
" MatchParen The character under the cursor or just before it, if it is a paired bracket, and its match. |pi_paren.txt|
" ModeMsg 'showmode' message (e.g., "-- INSERT --")
" MoreMsg |more-prompt|
" NonText '~' and '@' at the end of the window, etc.
" Normal normal text
" Pmenu Popup menu: normal item.
" PmenuSel Popup menu: selected item.
" PmenuSbar Popup menu: scrollbar.
" PmenuThumb Popup menu: Thumb of the scrollbar.
" Question |hit-enter| prompt and yes/no questions
" Search Last search pattern highlighting (see 'hlsearch').
" SpecialKey Meta and special keys listed with ":map", text that is displayed differently from what it really is (such as tabs, spaces in listchars etc.).
" SpellBad Word that is not recognized by the spellchecker. |spell|
" SpellCap Word that should start with a capital. |spell|
" SpellLocal Word that is recognized by the spellchecker as one that is
" SpellRare Word that is recognized by the spellchecker as one that is hardly ever used. |spell|
" StatusLine status line of current window
" StatusLineNC status lines of not-current windows
" TabLine tab pages line, not active tab page label
" TabLineFill tab pages line, where there are no labels
" TabLineSel tab pages line, active tab page label
" Title titles for output from ":set all", ":autocmd" etc.
" Visual Visual mode selection
" VisualNOS Visual mode selection when vim is "Not Owning the Selection".
" WarningMsg warning messages
" WildMenu current match in 'wildmenu' completion
hi ColorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=#EEEEDD
hi Cursor guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
if hlexists('MayanSmokeCursorLine')
hi link CursorColumn MayanSmokeCursorLine
hi link CursorLine MayanSmokeCursorLine
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility >= 2
hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=NavajoWhite gui=NONE
hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=NavajoWhite gui=NONE
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility >= 1
hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=white gui=NONE
hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=white gui=NONE
hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=#FFFDD0 gui=NONE
hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=#FFFDD0 gui=NONE
hi CursorIM guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
hi lCursor guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
hi DiffAdd guifg=NONE guibg=SeaGreen1 gui=NONE
hi DiffChange guifg=NONE guibg=LightSkyBlue1 gui=NONE
hi DiffDelete guifg=NONE guibg=LightCoral gui=NONE
hi DiffText guifg=black guibg=LightCyan1 gui=NONE
hi Directory guifg=#1600FF guibg=bg gui=NONE
hi ErrorMsg guifg=Red2 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi FoldColumn guifg=SteelBlue4 guibg=LightYellow2 gui=bold
hi Folded guifg=SteelBlue4 guibg=Gainsboro gui=italic
if hlexists('MayanSmokeSearch')
hi link IncSearch MayanSmokeSearch
hi link Search MayanSmokeSearch
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility >= 4
hi IncSearch guifg=white guibg=red gui=NONE
hi Search guifg=white guibg=red gui=NONE
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility == 3
hi IncSearch guifg=black guibg=gold gui=NONE
hi Search guifg=black guibg=gold gui=NONE
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility == 2
hi IncSearch guifg=white guibg=darkorange gui=NONE
hi Search guifg=white guibg=darkorange gui=NONE
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility == 0
hi IncSearch guifg=black guibg=tan gui=NONE
hi Search guifg=black guibg=tan gui=NONE
hi IncSearch guifg=black guibg=khaki gui=NONE
hi Search guifg=black guibg=khaki gui=NONE
hi LineNr guifg=#666677 guibg=#cccfbf gui=NONE
hi MatchParen guifg=black guibg=LemonChiffon3 gui=bold
hi ModeMsg guifg=White guibg=tomato1 gui=bold
hi MoreMsg guifg=SeaGreen4 guibg=bg gui=bold
hi NonText guifg=LightCyan3 guibg=bg gui=bold
hi Pmenu guifg=Orange4 guibg=LightYellow3 gui=NONE
hi PmenuSel guifg=ivory2 guibg=NavajoWhite4 gui=bold
hi PmenuSbar guifg=White guibg=#999666 gui=NONE
hi PmenuThumb guifg=White guibg=#7B7939 gui=NONE
hi Question guifg=Chartreuse4 guibg=bg gui=bold
hi SignColumn guifg=white guibg=LightYellow3 gui=NONE
if hlexists('MayanSmokeSpecialKey')
hi link SpecialKey MayanSmokeSpecialKey
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility >= 2
hi SpecialKey guifg=black guibg=NavajoWhite gui=NONE
elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility == 0
hi SpecialKey guifg=bisque3 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi SpecialKey guifg=white guibg=ivory3 gui=NONE
hi SpellBad guisp=Firebrick2 gui=undercurl
hi SpellCap guisp=Blue gui=undercurl
hi SpellLocal guisp=DarkCyan gui=undercurl
hi SpellRare guisp=Magenta gui=undercurl
hi StatusLine guifg=#FFFEEE guibg=#557788 gui=NONE
" hi StatusLineNC guifg=#EAE6E2 guibg=LightSteelBlue3 gui=italic
hi StatusLineNC guifg=#F4F4EE guibg=#99aabb gui=italic
hi TabLine guifg=fg guibg=LightGrey gui=underline
hi TabLineFill guifg=fg guibg=bg gui=reverse
hi TabLineSel guifg=fg guibg=bg gui=bold
hi Title guifg=DeepSkyBlue3 guibg=bg gui=bold
hi VertSplit guifg=#99aabb guibg=#99aabb
hi Visual guifg=white guibg=DeepSkyBlue1 gui=NONE
hi WarningMsg guifg=Firebrick2 guibg=bg gui=NONE
hi WildMenu guifg=Black guibg=SkyBlue gui=NONE
" }}}
" 256-Color Terminal Colors, by Clayton Parker {{{1
" =============================================================================
hi Normal cterm=NONE ctermfg=16 ctermbg=255
hi Comment ctermfg=110
hi Constant ctermfg=214
hi String ctermfg=30
hi Boolean ctermfg=88
hi Identifier ctermfg=160
hi Function ctermfg=132
hi Statement ctermfg=21
hi Keyword ctermfg=45
hi PreProc ctermfg=27
hi Type ctermfg=147
hi Special ctermfg=64
hi Ignore ctermfg=255
hi Error ctermfg=196 ctermbg=255 term=none
hi Todo ctermfg=136 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi VimError ctermfg=160 ctermbg=16
hi VimCommentTitle ctermfg=110
hi qfLineNr ctermfg=16 ctermbg=46 cterm=NONE
hi pythonDecorator ctermfg=208 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi Cursor ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16 cterm=NONE
hi CursorColumn ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi CursorIM ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16 cterm=NONE
hi CursorLine ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=254 cterm=NONE
hi lCursor ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16 cterm=NONE
hi DiffAdd ctermfg=16 ctermbg=48 cterm=NONE
hi DiffChange ctermfg=16 ctermbg=153 cterm=NONE
hi DiffDelete ctermfg=16 ctermbg=203 cterm=NONE
hi DiffText ctermfg=16 ctermbg=226 cterm=NONE
hi Directory ctermfg=21 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi ErrorMsg ctermfg=160 ctermbg=NONE cterm=NONE
hi FoldColumn ctermfg=24 ctermbg=252 cterm=NONE
hi Folded ctermfg=24 ctermbg=252 cterm=NONE
hi IncSearch ctermfg=255 ctermbg=160 cterm=NONE
hi LineNr ctermfg=253 ctermbg=110 cterm=NONE
hi NonText ctermfg=110 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi Pmenu ctermfg=fg ctermbg=195 cterm=NONE
hi PmenuSbar ctermfg=255 ctermbg=153 cterm=NONE
hi PmenuSel ctermfg=255 ctermbg=21 cterm=NONE
hi PmenuThumb ctermfg=111 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi SignColumn ctermfg=110 ctermbg=254 cterm=NONE
hi Search ctermfg=255 ctermbg=160 cterm=NONE
hi SpecialKey ctermfg=255 ctermbg=144 cterm=NONE
hi SpellBad ctermfg=16 ctermbg=229 cterm=NONE
hi SpellCap ctermfg=16 ctermbg=231 cterm=NONE
hi SpellLocal ctermfg=16 ctermbg=231 cterm=NONE
hi SpellRare ctermfg=16 ctermbg=226 cterm=NONE
hi StatusLine ctermfg=255 ctermbg=24 cterm=NONE
hi StatusLineNC ctermfg=253 ctermbg=110 cterm=NONE
hi Title ctermfg=75 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
hi VertSplit ctermfg=255 ctermbg=24 cterm=NONE
hi Visual ctermfg=255 ctermbg=153 cterm=NONE
hi WildMenu ctermfg=16 ctermbg=117 cterm=NONE
" 1}}}
" Syntax {{{1
" =============================================================================
" General {{{2
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Groups ('*' = major; see 'help group-name'):
" *Comment any comment
" *Constant any constant
" String a string constant: "this is a string"
" Character a character constant: 'c', '\n'
" Number a number constant: 234, 0xff
" Boolean a boolean constant: TRUE, false
" Float a floating point constant: 2.3e10
" *Identifier any variable name
" Function function name (also: methods for classes)
" *Statement any statement
" Conditional if, then, else, endif, switch, etc.
" Repeat for, do, while, etc.
" Label case, default, etc.
" Operator "sizeof", "+", "*", etc.
" Keyword any other keyword
" Exception try, catch, throw
" *PreProc generic Preprocessor
" Include preprocessor #include
" Define preprocessor #define
" Macro same as Define
" PreCondit preprocessor #if, #else, #endif, etc.
" *Type int, long, char, etc.
" StorageClass static, register, volatile, etc.
" Structure struct, union, enum, etc.
" Typedef A typedef
" *Special any special symbol
" SpecialChar special character in a constant
" Tag you can use CTRL-] on this
" Delimiter character that needs attention
" SpecialComment special things inside a comment
" Debug debugging statements
" *Error any erroneous construct
" *Todo anything that needs extra attention
" hi Comment guifg=#A2B5CD guibg=NONE gui=italic
hi Comment guifg=#96AAC2 guibg=NONE gui=italic
hi Constant guifg=DarkOrange guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi String guifg=Aquamarine4 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Boolean guifg=IndianRed4 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Identifier guifg=brown3 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Function guifg=VioletRed4 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Statement guifg=blue1 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Keyword guifg=DodgerBlue guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi PreProc guifg=blue1 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Type guifg=LightSlateBlue guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Special guifg=DarkOliveGreen4 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Ignore guifg=bg guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi Error guifg=Red guibg=NONE gui=underline
hi Todo guifg=tan4 guibg=NONE gui=underline
" 2}}}
" Vim {{{2
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
hi VimError guifg=red guibg=Black gui=bold
hi VimCommentTitle guifg=DarkSlateGray4 guibg=bg gui=bold,italic
" 2}}}
" QuickFix {{{2
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" syn match qfFileName "^[^|]*" nextgroup=qfSeparator
" syn match qfSeparator "|" nextgroup=qfLineNr contained
" syn match qfLineNr "[^|]*" contained contains=qfError
" syn match qfError "error" contained
hi qfFileName guifg=LightSkyBlue4 guibg=NONE gui=italic
hi qfLineNr guifg=coral guibg=NONE gui=bold
hi qfError guifg=red guibg=NONE gui=bold
" 2}}}
" Python {{{2
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
hi pythonDecorator guifg=orange3 guibg=NONE gui=bold
hi link pythonDecoratorFunction pythonDecorator
" 2}}}
" Diff {{{2
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
hi diffOldFile guifg=#006666 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi diffNewFile guifg=#0088FF guibg=NONE gui=bold
hi diffFile guifg=#0000FF guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi link diffOnly Constant
hi link diffIdentical Constant
hi link diffDiffer Constant
hi link diffBDiffer Constant
hi link diffIsA Constant
hi link diffNoEOL Constant
hi link diffCommon Constant
hi diffRemoved guifg=#BB0000 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi diffChanged guifg=DarkSeaGreen guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi diffAdded guifg=#00AA00 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
hi diffLine guifg=thistle4 guibg=NONE gui=italic
hi link diffSubname diffLine
hi link diffComment Comment
" 2}}}
" PHP (contributed by Ryan Kulla) {{{2
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Ryan Kulla's addition for PHP syntax highlighting (for regular/terminal vim)
hi phpConditional ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpIdentifier ctermfg=0 cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpOperator ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpRegion ctermfg=132 cterm=NONE guifg=VioletRed4
hi phpComparison ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpType ctermfg=darkgreen cterm=NONE guifg=darkgreen
hi phpParent ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpMethodsVar ctermfg=132 cterm=NONE guifg=VioletRed4
hi phpStatement ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpStorageClass ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpStringSingle ctermfg=30 cterm=NONE guifg=Aquamarine4
hi phpStringDouble ctermfg=30 cterm=NONE guifg=Aquamarine4
hi phpFunctions ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpSpecialFunction ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpRepeat ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpNumber ctermfg=214 cterm=bold guifg=brown
hi phpTodo ctermfg=red cterm=bold guifg=red gui=bold
hi phpDefine ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpConstant ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpCoreConstant ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpMemberSelector ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpLabel ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
hi phpStructure ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpRelation ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpEnvVar ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
hi phpIntVar ctermfg=0 cterm=bold guifg=black gui=bold
hi phpBoolean ctermfg=58 cterm=NONE guifg=brown
" 2}}}
" 1}}}
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