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Version 1.4

* 256-color terminal mode colors, added by Clayton Parker.
* Cursor line (and column) visibility can be customized by the g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility variable.
* Slight hue-shift in background.
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jeetsukumaran authored and vim-scripts committed May 20, 2010
1 parent 3ac0d41 commit 7f4caf04291fd7035a052e0fda09de9bb4cb82c8
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  1. +72 −7 colors/mayansmoke.vim
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
" File: mayansmoke.vim
" Description: Vim color scheme file
-" Maintainer: Jeet Sukumaran
+" Maintainer: Jeet Sukumaran (GUI colors); Clayton Parker (cterm colors)
" =============================================================================
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ let colors_name = "mayansmoke"
" Normal Color {{{1
" =============================================================================
-hi Normal gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=#F8F8EE
+hi Normal gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=#F4F4E8
" }}}
" Highlight Groups {{{1
@@ -67,9 +67,16 @@ hi Normal gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=#F8F8EE
" WarningMsg warning messages
" WildMenu current match in 'wildmenu' completion
hi Cursor guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
-hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=beige gui=NONE
-hi CursorIM guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
-hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=beige gui=NONE
+if exists('g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility >= 2
+ hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=NavajoWhite gui=NONE
+ hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=NavajoWhite gui=NONE
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility >= 1
+ hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=white gui=NONE
+ hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=white gui=NONE
+ hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE guibg=#FFFDD0 gui=NONE
+ hi CursorLine guifg=NONE guibg=#FFFDD0 gui=NONE
hi CursorIM guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
hi lCursor guifg=bg guibg=fg gui=NONE
hi DiffAdd guifg=NONE guibg=SeaGreen1 gui=NONE
@@ -78,7 +85,7 @@ hi DiffDelete guifg=NONE guibg=LightCoral gui=NONE
hi DiffText guifg=NONE guibg=yellow gui=NONE
hi Directory guifg=#1600FF guibg=bg gui=NONE
hi ErrorMsg guifg=Red2 guibg=NONE gui=bold
-hi FoldColumn guifg=LightSteelBlue4 guibg=#F8F8EE gui=bold
+hi FoldColumn guifg=LightSteelBlue4 guibg=#F4F4E8 gui=bold
hi Folded guifg=SteelBlue4 guibg=Gainsboro gui=italic
hi IncSearch guifg=white guibg=red gui=bold
hi LineNr guifg=#FEFEFC guibg=LightSteelBlue gui=NONE
@@ -91,7 +98,7 @@ hi PmenuSbar guifg=White guibg=PowderBlue gui=NONE
hi PmenuSel guifg=White guibg=Black gui=NONE
hi PmenuThumb guifg=SkyBlue3 guibg=White gui=reverse
hi Question guifg=Chartreuse4 guibg=bg gui=bold
-hi SignColumn guifg=LightSteelBlue4 guibg=#F8F8EE gui=bold
+hi SignColumn guifg=LightSteelBlue4 guibg=#F4F4E8 gui=bold
hi Search guifg=white guibg=red gui=NONE
if exists('g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility >= 2
hi SpecialKey guifg=black guibg=NavajoWhite gui=NONE
@@ -209,3 +216,61 @@ hi link diffComment Comment
" 2}}}
" 1}}}
+" 256-Color Terminal Colors, by Clayton Parker {{{1
+" =============================================================================
+hi Normal cterm=NONE ctermfg=16 ctermbg=255
+hi Comment ctermfg=110
+hi Constant ctermfg=214
+ hi String ctermfg=30
+ hi Boolean ctermfg=88
+hi Identifier ctermfg=160
+hi Function ctermfg=132
+hi Statement ctermfg=21
+hi Keyword ctermfg=45
+hi PreProc ctermfg=27
+hi Type ctermfg=147
+hi Special ctermfg=64
+hi Ignore ctermfg=255
+hi Error ctermfg=196 ctermbg=255 term=none
+hi Todo ctermfg=136 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi VimError ctermfg=160 ctermbg=16
+hi VimCommentTitle ctermfg=110
+hi qfLineNr ctermfg=16 ctermbg=46 cterm=NONE
+hi pythonDecorator ctermfg=208 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi Cursor ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16 cterm=NONE
+hi CursorColumn ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi CursorIM ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16 cterm=NONE
+hi CursorLine ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=254 cterm=NONE
+hi lCursor ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16 cterm=NONE
+hi DiffAdd ctermfg=16 ctermbg=48 cterm=NONE
+hi DiffChange ctermfg=16 ctermbg=153 cterm=NONE
+hi DiffDelete ctermfg=16 ctermbg=203 cterm=NONE
+hi DiffText ctermfg=16 ctermbg=226 cterm=NONE
+hi Directory ctermfg=21 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi ErrorMsg ctermfg=160 ctermbg=NONE cterm=NONE
+hi FoldColumn ctermfg=24 ctermbg=252 cterm=NONE
+hi Folded ctermfg=24 ctermbg=252 cterm=NONE
+hi IncSearch ctermfg=255 ctermbg=160 cterm=NONE
+hi LineNr ctermfg=253 ctermbg=110 cterm=NONE
+hi NonText ctermfg=110 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi Pmenu ctermfg=fg ctermbg=195 cterm=NONE
+hi PmenuSbar ctermfg=255 ctermbg=153 cterm=NONE
+hi PmenuSel ctermfg=255 ctermbg=21 cterm=NONE
+hi PmenuThumb ctermfg=111 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi SignColumn ctermfg=110 ctermbg=254 cterm=NONE
+hi Search ctermfg=255 ctermbg=160 cterm=NONE
+hi SpecialKey ctermfg=255 ctermbg=144 cterm=NONE
+hi SpellBad ctermfg=16 ctermbg=229 cterm=NONE
+hi SpellCap ctermfg=16 ctermbg=231 cterm=NONE
+hi SpellLocal ctermfg=16 ctermbg=231 cterm=NONE
+hi SpellRare ctermfg=16 ctermbg=226 cterm=NONE
+hi StatusLine ctermfg=255 ctermbg=24 cterm=NONE
+hi StatusLineNC ctermfg=253 ctermbg=110 cterm=NONE
+hi Title ctermfg=75 ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi VertSplit ctermfg=255 ctermbg=24 cterm=NONE
+hi Visual ctermfg=255 ctermbg=153 cterm=NONE
+hi WildMenu ctermfg=16 ctermbg=117 cterm=NONE
+" 1}}}

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