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Commits on Feb 6, 2015
  1. @yegappan

    Version 3.9

    yegappan authored committed
    1. Mapping for escape key breaks special key functionality in terminal Vim
    2. Configurable syntax highlighting pattern (Ingo Karkat)
    3. To open a file in a new tab page at the end, use $ instead of 999.
    4. When opening a file from the MRU list, if the current buffer is modified and the 'hidden' option is set, then replace the current buffer. Otherwise open the file in a new window.
    5. Updated the help text.
Commits on Mar 10, 2014
  1. @yegappan

    Version 3.8

    yegappan authored committed
    1. Add a mapping to open a file in the preview window (By Ingo Karkat)
    2. Add support for changing the filename format in the MRU window (By Ingo Karkat)
    3. Add new key bindings (By Ingo Karkat)
    4. Mark the MRU buffer as modifiable always
    5. Add syntax highlighting for file names
Commits on Jan 29, 2014
  1. @yegappan

    Version 3.7

    yegappan authored committed
    1. Use the fnameescape() function (if available) to escape special characters in file names.
  2. @yegappan

    Version 3.6

    yegappan authored committed
    1. When deleting the last empty line in the MRU buffer, use the black hole (_) register.
    2. Set the filetype option for the MRU buffer to 'mru'.
    3. When comparing strings, use '==#' instead of '==' to match case.
Commits on Jun 14, 2013
  1. @yegappan

    Version 3.5

    yegappan authored committed
    First file in the MRU list is not added to the MRU menu. Fix a off-by-one error.
    Used a wrong version of the plugin in the previous upload of 3.5. Fixed the problem.
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
  1. @yegappan

    Version 3.4

    yegappan authored committed
    Separate the file name and the path in the MRU window.
    Added support for always opening selected files in a tab (MRU_Open_File_Use_Tabs option).
    Added support for opening the MRU window even for single files (MRU_Window_Open_Always option).
    Added new mapping for opening files in a vertically split window from the MRU widow (key O).
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. @yegappan

    Version 3.3

    yegappan authored committed
    * Limit the number of file names displayed in the MRU menu. Provide a configuration variable for selecting the number of file names displayed in the MRU menu or in the sub-menu.
    * Add a menu accelerator for the Recent Files menu.
    * Add the ":Mru" command (alias for the ":MRU" command) for ease of use.
    * When a file not present in the MRU list is supplied to the ":Mru" command, then open the file.
    * Add 'v' command to edit a file from the MRU list as read-only.
    * Increase the default MRU list size to 100 from 10.
    * Support for opening multiple files from the MRU list.
  2. @yegappan

    Version 3.2

    yegappan authored committed
    Escape special characters in filenames for security reasons. On MS-Windows, use the _vim_mru_files file from the $USERPROFILE directory. When the ':vimgrep' command is used, don't add the files to the MRU list. When getting the files matching a pattern, first try it as a literal string. Show tooltip text for MRU menu entries.
  3. @yegappan

    Version 3.1

    yegappan authored committed
    Support for completion of filenames from the MRU file list for the :MRU command. Split the MRU menu into submenus when a large number of filenames are present in the MRU list. Fix for the placement of the MRU menu when Vim is running in compatible mode. New option to disable the MRU menu. The :MRUedit command is replaced by the :MRU command.
  4. @yegappan

    Version 3.0

    yegappan authored committed
    Works only with Vim version 7.0 and above. Uses Vim 7.0 data structures and functions. Support for opening files in tabs. Support for displaying files matching a pattern in the MRU window.
  5. @yegappan

    Version 2.5

    yegappan authored committed
    Use <abuf> instead of <afile> in autocmds. Escape backslash while searching for partial filenames.
  6. @yegappan

    Version 2.4

    yegappan authored committed
    Escape the % and # characters in the MRU filenames. Don't open a selected file in the preview window or in a window used by a Vim plugin.
  7. @yegappan

    Version 2.3

    yegappan authored committed
    Escape single quote characters in filenames. Use exact match while searching for open files.
  8. @yegappan

    Version 2.2

    yegappan authored committed
    1. Save the list of MRU files to the MRU db file as soon as the list is changed.
    2. Escape space characters in file names.
    3. Add the :MRUedit command to edit files from the MRU list.
  9. @yegappan

    Version 2.1

    yegappan authored committed
    Fixed a problem with handling space characters in the name of the MRU file. Modified the plugin to work in Vi compatible mode.
  10. @yegappan

    Version 2.0

    yegappan authored committed
    Fixed the problem with one Vim session overwritting the MRU list from another Vim session. Added the MRU file list to the File menu in GUI Vim. Instead of using a Vim global variable to store the MRU list, used a separate file to store the MRU list.
  11. @yegappan

    Version 1.6

    yegappan authored committed
    Fixed the following bugs: Some filenames are added more than once to the MRU list and the MRU window is not closed when a file which already opened in one of the windows is selected from the MRU window.
  12. @yegappan

    Version 1.5

    yegappan authored committed
    Open the selected file from the MRU list in the window from which the MRU window was opened.
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