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jump between signs according sign ID or Line Number
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" Script Name: numsign.vim 
" Version:     1.0
" Last Change: Aug 16, 2012
" Author:      hjjdebug
" Email:
" Description: like ultra edit signs but beyond it , jump between signs  according sign ID or line Number
" Usage:
" it has tow working mode,  default is jump between signs according sign ID,
" you can use \sm, which will toggle according sign ID  or according Line Number
"                <C-F2>   \ss ----> toggle sign
"                <F2>     \sn ----> jump to next sign
"                <S-F2>   \sp ----> jump to previous sign
"                         \sc ----> clear all signs
"                         \sm ----> toggle working mode
"                         \sl ----> list current buffer signs
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