Easy manipulation of 'runtimepath', 'path', 'tags', etc
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Tim Pope and vim-scripts Version 2.4
Use $VIMBLACKLIST to temporarily disable bundles.
Allow disabling rest of vimrc by adding it to blacklist.
Expand bundle/{a,b} as bundle/a and bundle/b.
Experimental: Support "vimfiles" subdirectory.
Work around weird lockup on ancient Vim.
Restore disabling of paths ending in ~.
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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2332

Manage your 'runtimepath' with ease.  In practical terms, pathogen.vim makes it super easy to install plugins and runtime files in their own private directories.

Add this to your vimrc:

    execute pathogen#infect()

Now any plugins you wish to install can be extracted to a subdirectory under ~/.vim/bundle, and they will be added to the 'runtimepath'.

Use :Helptags to run :helptags on every doc/ directory in your 'runtimepath'.

For more detailed, better formatted documentation, see the README on GitHub: