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This is a mirror of

The peak sea color (peaksea.vim) is the new version of the well-known colorscheme ps_color.

Now the color contains light-background scheme for gui and 256 color term, with dark-background scheme supporting gui and 256 and 16 color term.

You can fire any issues at

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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Pan Shizhu <>
" Last Change: 14 July 2003
" Grey on Black
" Optimized for GUI interfaces with gentleness color. There're 3
" parameters to describe a color: Hue, Saturation and Brightness. In
" this color scheme, the saturation is low and the brightness are
" designed to be very close to each other in order not to fatigue your
" eyes after a whole day's programming work!

set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
" PS means nothing, it's just my name!
let g:colors_name = "ps_color"

" Hardcoded Colors Comment:
" #aabbcc = Red aa, Green bb, Blue cc
" we must use hardcoded colors to get more 'tender' colors
" Grey Scales :
" #b0b0b0 = Grey 11/16 #d0d0d0 = Grey 13/16 #e0e0e0 = Grey 7/8 (=14/16)
" #404040 = Grey 1/4 #808080 = Gery 1/2 Black = Grey 0
" Red & Magenta Scales:
" #000080 = Blood Red #e0c060 = Tender Orange #f08060 = Bright Red
" #f0c0f0 = Tender Pink #800080 = Purple
" Green & Yellow Scales:
" #00f000 = Cursor #d0d090 = Rice Yellow #c0e080 = Tree Green
" #60f080 = Bright Green
" Blue & Cyan Scales:
" #80c0e0 = Sea Blue #6080f0 = Gem Blue #000080 = Indigo Blue
" #a6caf0 = Sky Cyan #b0d0f0 = Bright Cyan #c0d8f8 = Br. Cyan Variant

" GUI:
" Take NT gui for example, If you want to use a console font such as
" Lusida_Console with font size larger than 14, the font looks already thick,
" and the bold font for that will be too thick, you may not want it be bolded,
" in this case this color scheme will suit your taste. I disabled all of the
" bold font for the same reason: continuously switching between bold and plain
" font hurts consistency and will inevitably fatigue your eye!
highlight Normal guifg=#d0d0d0 guibg=Black gui=NONE
highlight Search guifg=#e0e0e0 guibg=#800000 gui=NONE
highlight Visual guifg=Black guibg=#a6caf0 gui=NONE
highlight Cursor guifg=Black guibg=#00f000 gui=NONE
highlight Special guifg=#e0c060 gui=NONE
highlight Comment guifg=#d0d090 gui=NONE
highlight Constant guifg=#80c0e0 gui=NONE
highlight Number guifg=#e0c060 gui=NONE
highlight String guifg=#80c0e0 gui=NONE
highlight StatusLine guifg=Black guibg=#a6caf0 gui=NONE
highlight LineNr guifg=#b0b0b0 gui=NONE
highlight Question guifg=Black guibg=#d0d090 gui=NONE
highlight PreProc guifg=#60f080 gui=NONE
" The Statement-group and Type-group are easy to distinguish, different color
" for them are not needed, I use similar color for S-group & T-group in order
" not to make the screen too 'colorful'.
" But if you do want the Statement & Type to be different color,
" try 'let statement_different_from_type=1' in your .vimrc file.
if exists("statement_different_from_type")
highlight Statement guifg=#6080f0 gui=NONE
highlight Statement guifg=#c0d8f8 gui=NONE
highlight Type guifg=#b0d0f0 gui=NONE
highlight Todo guifg=#800000 guibg=#d0d090 gui=NONE
highlight Error guifg=#f08060 guibg=Black gui=NONE
highlight Identifier guifg=#f0c0f0 guibg=Black gui=NONE
highlight ModeMsg gui=NONE
highlight VisualNOS gui=NONE
highlight SpecialKey guifg=#b0d0f0 gui=NONE
highlight NonText guifg=#6080f0 gui=NONE
highlight Directory guifg=#b0d0f0 gui=NONE
highlight ErrorMsg guifg=#d0d090 guibg=#800000 gui=NONE
highlight MoreMsg guifg=#c0e080 gui=NONE
highlight Title guifg=#f0c0f0 gui=NONE
highlight WarningMsg guifg=#f08060 gui=NONE
highlight WildMenu guifg=Black guibg=#d0d090 gui=NONE
highlight Folded guifg=#d0d0d0 guibg=#004000 gui=NONE
highlight FoldColumn guifg=#e0e0e0 guibg=#008000 gui=NONE
highlight DiffAdd guibg=#000080 gui=NONE
highlight DiffChange guibg=#800080 gui=NONE
highlight DiffDelete guifg=#80c0e0 guibg=#404040 gui=NONE
highlight DiffText guifg=Black guibg=#c0e080 gui=NONE

" Color Term:
" This scheme is designed for NT Cygwin bash shell console, this console has a
" strange behavier for 16 colors, i.e. there's only 8 color names available,
" the cterm=bold specifies which should be bright color, so totally the 16
" color frontground is available, but color name DarkXXX and LightXXX are the
" same.
" Cygwin console is actually a Windows NT Prompt console, In Windows NT Prompt
" console you can change the exact value of each color, so you can have the
" same color with your GUI version of Vim, (isn't that great? someone had
" never been dreamed of that). The pre-configured Cygwin.lnk is available for
" download on my web page for Vim, at the following url:
" If you are using terminals which works very well for 16 color names, or if
" your color terminal does only have 8 colors, you may want to switch to other
" color schemes to gain more readability. Anyway, you can specify in your
" .vimrc to use different color scheme under different consoles and GUI.
" It is said that most color xterms only have 8 colors, since I do not have an
" xterm now, no work has been done to give color xterm the same color as GUI
" version.
highlight Normal ctermfg=LightGrey cterm=none
highlight Search ctermfg=White ctermbg=DarkRed cterm=bold
highlight Visual cterm=reverse
highlight Cursor ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Green cterm=bold
highlight Special ctermfg=Brown cterm=none
highlight Comment ctermfg=Yellow cterm=bold
highlight Constant ctermfg=Blue cterm=bold
highlight Number ctermfg=Brown cterm=none
highlight String ctermfg=Blue cterm=bold
highlight StatusLine ctermfg=Blue ctermbg=White cterm=none
highlight LineNr ctermfg=DarkGrey cterm=bold
highlight Question ctermfg=Black ctermbg=Cyan cterm=none
highlight PreProc ctermfg=Green cterm=bold
highlight Statement ctermfg=Cyan cterm=bold
highlight Type ctermfg=Cyan cterm=bold
highlight Todo ctermfg=DarkRed ctermbg=Yellow cterm=none
highlight Error ctermfg=Red ctermbg=Black cterm=bold
highlight Identifier ctermfg=Magenta ctermbg=Black cterm=bold
highlight Folded ctermfg=White ctermbg=Green cterm=none

" Term:
" For console with only 4 colors (term, not cterm), we'll use the default.
" ...
" The default colorscheme is good enough for terms with no more than 4 colors

" Links:
" Character must be different from strings because in many languages
" (including C) a 'char' variable is actually an 'int',
" mistaken a 'char' for a 'string' will cause disaster!
hi link Character Number
hi link SpecialChar LineNr
" Warning is used by DrChip's EngSpChk
hi link Warning MoreMsg

" vim:noet:nosta:ts=8:

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