Perforce source control features
Latest commit 2b02498 Jun 21, 2007 Tom Slee committed with Version 0.5
Extensive enhancements by Suresh Srinivasan:

Added a set of changelist commands ('&#039 indicates the leader character):

    \v - Show list of versions of the file.
    \u - Show unified diff of the file.
    \z - Show diff between specific versions of the file.
    \p - Show depot version of file.
    \a - Show depot version of file with annotations (revision# for each line).
    \x - Mark file for delete.

    \C - Create new changelist.
    \D - Show diff of all files in a changelist.
    \F - Show list of files in a changelist.
    \L - Show list of pending changelists.
    \X - Delete a changelist.
    \S - Submit current changelist.
    \I - Show changelist info.

    \h - Show Help message.
    \l - Login into perforce.
    \\ - Show general perforce info (license, location, etc.).

Status line message now includes the changelist number.
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This is a mirror of

Perforce is a source control system from

- menu and keyboard shortcuts to open (checkout), revert, and sync files.
- prompts to open a file for editing when you attempt to change a checked-in file.
- perforce status displayed on the ruler.
- tested on Windows operating systems only.

This plugin provides a relatively few commonly used commands. If you are looking for the ability to carry out many perforce commands from within vim, you may wish to look at  Hari Krishna Dara's plugin (script 240)  at