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gather useful phrase, refer it whenever you want.
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Version 0.5

2011-08-21: v0.5
	- update help
	- :PhraseList no longer accept argument(for simplicity).
	- :PhraseCreate no longer accept argument(for simplicity).
	- b:phrase_filetype is renamed as b:phrase_ext.
2011-08-04: v0.4
	- add sorter_phrase for unite.
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README Version 0.5 Version 0.5

What is this?

phrase.vim support.

  • gather userful phrase to consolidated file
  • easily open that phrase file
  • view someone's phrase easily
  • search phrases with unite.vim interface.

I mainly use this plugin for gather useful phrase while reading source codes. Then recall that phrase when writing.

And intending to share several programming idiom socially.


Create phrase directory. Copy phrase example file to that directory.

  $ mkdir $HOME/.vim/phrase/$USER
  $ cp example/* $HOME/.vim/phrase/$USER/

Show phrase then enter to jump to that title

  :PhraseEdit pl

Visually select text in buffer then create phrase from that text.


If you have unite.vim :Unite phrase


See help

Sample phrases

Unite phrase search all phrase under directory in &rtp, means you can manage
phrase from others with vundle
or vim-pathogen.

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