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This is a mirror of

For the high-falutin' concept, see:

iabbr bpry => require 'pry'; binding.pry # Very important for quickly dropping into pry

<leader>bp and <leader><leader>p # same as bpry but from Normal Mode

<f3> = kill-pry-rescue # see - this breaks you out of the auto-rescue'd pry

<leader>ph = Grab the last line (or lines if given a numerical arg) from ~/.pry_history - can be very handy, because you can perfect your code in the live coding environment of the Pry REPL, then slurp that into your editor.

Note that there are ways to integrate back into the REPL from the editor. vslime and vimux do this, as long as you're in tmux. However, I currently just do "!tmux send -t1" in a manual :map from vim. This script might eventually include something like this. Please let me know if you already know what you want.