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This is a mirror of
py-coverage integrates with Ned Batchelder's code coverage tool for Python
( After coverage data has been
gathered, this plugin can be used to retrieve the results and present them in
the relevant buffers.
Source lines lacking coverage ("missing") may be indicated by directly
highlighting the lines or by populating the quickfix or location lists. The
function that retrieves the line numbers is also provided for low-level
:PyCoverageHighlight - Add missing lines in the current buffer to the PyCoverageMissing highlight group.
:PyCoverageClear - Remove highlighting.
:PyCoverageSetQuickfix - Set the quickfix list to missing lines.
:PyCoverageSetLoclist - Set the window's location list to the missing lines.
PyCoverageMissingLines(buffer) - Return missing line numbers for the given buffer as a List.