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This is a mirror of

This plugin automates the insertion of import statements at the top of a python script. It contains a function capable of adding import statements at the top of the file. This function is mapped to <C-f>. So you can for example type "sys.exit<C-f>" and the plugin will append "import sys" above the other import statements at the top of the file, unless sys already was imported. The script tries to maintain the import statements in order.

If you define
 let g:PythonAutoAddImports = 1
in your vimrc, this script will additionally hook into the period key, such that for common modules,
imports are added as you type: Typing
 if len(sys.argv) == 0:
into an empty file will leave you with
 import sys
 if len(sys.argv) == 0:

This plugin is in its early stages. Also, it is my first vim plugin, so do not expect everything to run smoothly yet. I maintain this script an vim repo at github: