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Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. Version 1.13

    Jon Franklin authored committed
    Fix for bug that prevented multi-line class and function definitions from showing up in the IM-Python menu.  Patch provided by Branden Rolston.
  2. Version 1.12

    Jon Franklin authored committed
    * Changed to ftplugin and renamed to avoid collision with vim's ftplugin/python.vim. Patch provided by Christopher Lambacher
    * Fixed error opening python buffer with no classes or functions.  Patch provided by Chris Farrow
    * Removed duplicate ]f key
    *Fixed block manipulation bugs due to collision on ]], [[ mappings. See menu for new mappings
  3. Version 1.11: Add shortcuts for all remaining menu options.

    Jon Franklin authored committed
  4. Version 1.10: Add shortcuts for commenting/uncommenting selections.

    Jon Franklin authored committed
  5. Version 1.9

    Jon Franklin authored committed
    Fixed bug in IM-Python menu where function and class names beginning with "_" were not included.
  6. Version 1.8

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
    Applied a patch from Jon Franklin: IM-Python menu improvements.
    Updated copyright and email address.
  7. Version 1.7: Use <Down> instead of 'j', so it should work when j is m…

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
  8. Version 1.6: Works better with folding... Many thanks to Guy L. Oliver!

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
  9. Version 1.5

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
    Same as 1.4, I just fixed a typo in the comments and my e-mail address...
  10. Version 1.4

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
    Entry for Adam's IM-Python menu update in the main script menu; some other minor changes...
  11. Version 1.3

    adam seyfarth authored committed
    I've added an IM-Python menu that holds the class definitions and function definitions.
  12. Version 1.1

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
    * Changed the name of the global variable
    * Added a new variable; one can choose not to select trailing comments
  13. Version 1.0@1: Initial upload

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
  14. Version 1.0: Initial upload

    Mikael Berthe authored committed
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