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Version 0.9

NOTE: This is a re-upload. Previous version had old version/updated headers still

* Fixed docstring parsing for classes and functions
* Fixed parsing of *args and **kwargs type arguments
* Better function param parsing to handle things like tuples and lambda defaults args
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ftplugin Version 0.9
README Version 0.5: Initial upload


This is a mirror of

This is the pythoncomplete omni-completion script shipped with vim 7.  Updated versions will appear here, as the vim tarballs do not ship with updated runtime files.

To use this plugin, make sure ftplugins are enabled, via "filetype plugin on".
Filetype detection will set the omnifunction appropriately.

   Dynamic type deduction (without actually evaluating statements)
   Local visibility handling (will complete from all parent scopes).
   completeopt=preview support, displaying python docstrings
   Function argument completion (whenever possible)

Requires Vim7 compiled with +python support.
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