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This is a mirror of
Usage by example:
Type "5j" (without quotes) and then ";" to repeat "5j".
Type "hjkl" and then ";", it still repeats "5j".
Type "," to do "5k" (go in reverse direction).
Type "4k" and then ";" to repeat "4k".
The following motions (and scroll commands) are mapped per default:
j,k, h,l, Ctrl-E,Ctrl-Y, zh,zl
Check out:
Visual mode, e.g. "V5j;;;;"
"f{char}" followed by ";," -- it should still work
Operator pending mode with ";" and ","
:RepmoMap {motion}|{reverse-motion} ...
Map {motion} to be repeatable with ";". Use {reverse-motion} for ",". Key notation is like in mappings.
Options, with defaults:
" keys to be used for repeating (notation like in mappings), checked frequently:
:let repmo_key = ";"
:let repmo_revkey = ","
" map some default motions (argument string for :RepmoMap):
:let g:repmo_mapmotions = "j|k h|l <C-E>|<C-Y> zh|zl"
Your own remapping of a motion is silently discarded.
Your own remappings for "f", "F", "t" and "T" are kept.
2009 Jun 03