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0.7.0 (10/21/2012)

  • add vim help file
  • add custom sort orders
  • add -o option to open note for given key directly
  • show notes tags in the list view

0.6.0 (09/30/2012)

  • add the possibility to restrict note listing to tags
  • respect pinned notes in note index
  • set initial number of notes to load to 100
  • add config option to specify a preferred filetype
  • add modifydate to update_note() function

0.5.0 (06/03/2012)

  • make pretty formatting for note list
  • allow vertical splitting of scratch buffer
  • listing command (-l) takes parameter of max notes to fetch
  • update to v0.2.0
  • incorrectly fetched notes are not displayed anymore

0.4.0 (02/08/2012)

  • refactor into autload plugin

0.3.1 (11/23/2011)

  • add documentation for usage behind proxy
  • buffer write command updates note

0.3.0 (07/17/2011)

  • UTF-8 support
  • create new notes from buffer via :Simplenote -n
  • update note when buffer is written
  • support direct deletion of notes via :Simplenote -D
  • support tagging of notes via :Simplenote -t
  • distinct buffer for every note
  • use for API interaction
  • encapsulate interface methods in Python class

0.2.0 (05/30/2011)

  • change interface function to Simplenote
  • truncate long note titles in list
  • display modified date instead of note key in list
  • load all notes for index
  • don't display notes from trash
  • deferred token retrieval and simple caching
  • Wrapped username, password and token in urllib2's quote method
  • improve time needed for listing notes

0.1.0 (05/10/2011)

  • SimpleNote -l: list notes in scratch buffer
  • SimpleNote -u: update note from buffer
  • SimpleNote -d: move note to trash