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" File: simplenote.vim
" Author: Daniel Schauenberg <>
" WebPage:
" License: MIT
" Version: 0.7.0
" Usage:
" :Simplenote -l X => list X number of notes; omit X to list all
" :Simplenote -l tags,moretags => list notes which feature one of the tags
" :Simplenote -u => update a note from buffer
" :Simplenote -d => move note to trash
" :Simplenote -n => create new note from buffer
" :Simplenote -D => delete note in current buffer
" :Simplenote -t => tag note in current buffer
" :Simplenote -o key => open note with given key directly
" This is only the interface part of the script. For the actual implementation
" see plugin/simplenote.vim
" set the simplenote command
command! -nargs=+ Simplenote :call simplenote#SimpleNote(<f-args>)
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