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Version 0.2.0: UI changes and several general improvements

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This is a mirror of
# simplenote.vim
-A vim plugin to interact with the [simplenote][1] API.
+A vim plugin to interact with the [simplenote][1] API. You can create an
+account [here]( if you don't already
+have one.
Now you can take simple notes directly from your favourite editor.
## Installation
@@ -10,23 +12,32 @@ Just copy `simplenote.vim` into your plugin folder. But you really want to use
Your credentials have to be stored in your `vimrc`:
- let g:SimpleNoteUserName = "your simplenote username"
- let g:SimpleNotePassword = "your simplenote password"
+ let g:SimplenoteUsername = "your simplenote username"
+ let g:SimplenotePassword = "your simplenote password"
+If you don't want to have the credentials in your `vimrc` (if you manage it
+with git for example), you can just set the variables in a different file (like
+`~/.simplenoterc`) and source it with `source ~/.simplenoterc` in your `vimrc`.
## Usage
-The plugin provides the following commands to interact with Simplenote:
+The plugin provides several commands to interact with your Simplenote account.
+In order to retrieve a list of your notes execute
- SimpleNote -l
+ :Simplenote -l
-Lists all the notes in your account, together with its first line.
+This opens a new scratch buffer with a line-wise listing of your notes. You can
+navigate through these with the arrow keys and enter a note on hitting
+`Return`. Now that you see the content of the note, you can interact with this
+specific note:
- SimpleNote -d
+ :Simplenote -u
-Deletes the note in your current buffer.
+updates the content of the current note with the content of the current buffer.
+If you want to delete the note, execute
- SimpleNote -u
+ :Simplenote -d
-Updates the note in the current buffer with its content.
+This moves the current note to the trash.
## Dependencies
Version 2 of the SimpleNote API relies heavily on JSON. As JSON and VimL don't
@@ -40,7 +51,8 @@ use this plugin.
## Contribute
- Fork the project
-- Make your additions/fixes/improvements (Bonus points for topic branches)
+- Branch off develop
+- Make your additions/fixes/improvements
- Send a pull request
## Thanks
@@ -52,3 +64,4 @@ which I took as a basis to learn how to write vim plugins.
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