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plugin to interact with the simplenote web service
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# simplenote.vim
A vim plugin to interact with the [simplenote][1] API.
Now you can take simple notes directly from your favourite editor.

## Installation
Just copy `simplenote.vim` into your plugin folder. But you really want to use
[pathogen][5] for your plugin management.

Your credentials have to be stored in your `vimrc`:

    let g:SimpleNoteUserName = "your simplenote username"
    let g:SimpleNotePassword = "your simplenote password"

## Usage
The plugin provides the following commands to interact with Simplenote:

    SimpleNote -l

Lists all the notes in your account, together with its first line.

    SimpleNote -d

Deletes the note in your current buffer.

    SimpleNote -u

Updates the note in the current buffer with its content.

## Dependencies
Version 2 of the SimpleNote API relies heavily on JSON. As JSON and VimL don't
really play nice together, basic parts of this plugin are implemented in
python. Therefore your vim has to be compiled with python support in order to
use this plugin.

## Development
- [Planned features](
- [Bugs and issue tracker](

## Contribute
- Fork the project
- Make your additions/fixes/improvements (Bonus points for topic branches)
- Send a pull request

## Thanks
[mattn][2], [Tim Pope][3] and [Scrooloose][4] who write awesome vim plugins
which I took as a basis to learn how to write vim plugins.

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