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if version < 600
syntax clear
elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
scriptencoding utf-8
" = brew ================================================================================
" has to be the first so that I can override it later
syn include @R syntax/r.vim
syn region texaltR start="<%" keepend end="%>" contains=@R
setlocal iskeyword+=:,-
" = definitions =========================================================================
" - syntactic ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
" command
syn region texaltCmd start="\\" skip="}{" end="[} \n]"
\ contains=texaltCmdCont,texaltCmdName,texaltCmdOpts
syn match texaltCmdCont "{\zs.\{-}\ze}"
\ contained
\ contains=texaltCmd,texaltEnvName,@texaltSmnFormatC
syn match texaltCmdName "\\\zs.\{-}\ze[\[\]{} \n]"
\ contained
\ contains=texaltEnvItem,texaltFormat,texaltPreproc
syn match texaltCmdOpts "\[\zs.\{-}\ze\]"
\ contained
\ contains=texaltCmd,@texaltSmnFormatC
" comment
syn region texaltComment start="%" end="\n"
\ oneline
" environment
syn region texaltEnv matchgroup=texaltCmd start="\\\zsbegin" end="\\\zeend"
\ contains=texaltEnv
\ fold
syn keyword texaltEnvName abstract align array center description displaymath document enumerate equation equation* eqnarray figure flushleft flushright itemize list math minipage picture quotation quote subfigure tabbing table tabular theorem titlepage verbatim verse
\ contained
syn keyword texaltEnvItem item
\ contained
" formatting
syn keyword texaltFormat bigskip centering frenchspacing hskip labelsep medskip noindent raggedleft raggedright smallskip vskip
\ contained
" preproc
syn keyword texaltPreproc documentclass include input newcommand newfontfamily renewcommand setcounter setlength setmainfont setmainlanguage setotherlanguages usepackage
\ contained
" special
syn match texaltSpecial "[&$]"
" - semantic ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" footnote
syn region texaltSmnFnote matchgroup=texaltCmd start="\\footnote.\{-}{" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
" formatting & reference
syn cluster texaltSmnFormatC contains=texaltSmnBf,texaltSmnBfIt,texaltSmnIt,texaltSmnLng,texaltSmnRef,texaltSmnSc,texaltSmnSkip,texaltSmnSub,texaltSmnSup,texaltSmnTilde
syn region texaltSmnLng matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\\(text.\{-}\|t..\){" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
\ transparent " text.\{-} must be before textbf and textit
syn region texaltSmnBf matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\\(textbf\|b\){" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
\ transparent
syn region texaltSmnBfIt matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\bi{" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
\ transparent
syn region texaltSmnIt matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\\(textit\|i\){" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
syn region texaltSmnRef matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\\(eq\|page\)\=ref{" end="}"
syn region texaltSmnSc matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\sc{" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
\ transparent
syn region texaltSmnSub matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\sub{" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
\ transparent
syn region texaltSmnSup matchgroup=texaltSmnFormat start="\\sup{" end="}"
\ contains=@texaltSmnFormatC
\ transparent
" skips
syn match texaltSmnSkip "\\\(h\|m\|v\)skip [0-9]\+\(\(c\|mm\)\|pt\|in\)\( \(pl\|min\)us [0-9]\+\(fil\|\(c\|mm\)\|pt\|in\)\)*"
" structure
syn region texaltSmnStruct matchgroup=texaltCmd start="\\\(title\|part\|chapter\|\(sub\(sub\)\=\)\=section\|\(sub\)\=paragraph\)\*\={" end="}"
\ contains=texaltCmd,@texaltSmnFormatC
" tilde and hyphenation
syn match texaltSmnTilde "[^[:space:]]\zs\(\~\|\\-\)\ze[^[:space:]]"
" = highlighting ========================================================================
let b:current_syntax = "tex_alt"
" syntactic
hi def link texaltCmd Delimiter
hi def link texaltCmdCont Normal
hi def link texaltCmdName Function
hi def link texaltCmdOpts Debug
hi def link texaltComment Comment
hi def link texaltEnvItem Statement
hi def link texaltEnvName Statement
hi def link texaltFormat Comment
hi def link texaltPreproc PreProc
hi def link texaltSpecial Special
" semantic
hi def link texaltSmnFnote String
hi def link texaltSmnIt Underlined
hi def link texaltSmnRef Constant
hi def link texaltSmnFormat Ignore
hi def link texaltSmnSkip Ignore
hi def link texaltSmnStruct Typedef
hi def link texaltSmnTilde Ignore
" = known bugs ==========================================================================
" tabular could be better