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This library provides some utility functions. There isn't much need to
install it unless another plugin requires you to do so.
The most useful functions provided by this library probably are:
tlib#input#List(), tlib#input#ListW()
- Display a list
- Dynamically filter items matching a pattern (somethat like google)
- E.g. you filter for "foo -bar": show all entries containing foo but not bar.
- Select items from a list
- Do stuff
- Developers can define keys that trigger some action with the
selected items
- Demo:
+ Edit a list (copy, cut, paste, delete, edit ...)
Set a variable only if it doesn't already exist.
Open a scratch buffer (a buffer without a file).
:TVarArg VAR1, [VAR2, DEFAULT2] ...
Handle "rest" (variable) arguments in functions.
function! Foo(...)
TVarArg ['a', 1], 'b'
echo 'a='. a
echo 'b='. b
TBrowseOutput COMMAND
Every wondered how to effciently browse the output of a command
without redirecting it to a file? This command takes a command as
argument and presents the output via |tlib#input#List()| so that you
can easily search for a keyword (e.g. the name of a variable or
function) and the like.
If you press enter, the selected line will be copied to the command
line. Press ESC to cancel browsing.
TBrowseOutput 20verb TeaseTheCulprit
TBrowseOutput let
TBrowseOutput map
Related (small) plugins that utilize tlib and thus provide some degree of uniform user experience:
tbibtools (vimscript #1915): bibtex-related utilities (sort, reformat, list contents ...)
tmarks (vimscript #2594): Browse, place, & delete marks
tmboxbrowser (vimscript #1906): A mbox browser -- Read your e-mails with vim
tmru (vimscript #1864): Most Recently Used Files
trag (vimscript #2033): A slightly language-aware alternative to grep
tregisters (vimscript #2017): List, edit, and run/execute registers/clipboards
tselectbuffer (vimscript #1866): A quick buffer selector/switcher
tselectfiles (vimscript #1865): A quick file selector/browser/explorer (sort of)
ttagecho (vimscript #2055): Show current tag information
ttagcomplete (vimscript #2069): Context-sensitive tags-based completion and code skeletons
ttags (vimscript #2018): Tag list browser (List, filter, preview, jump to tags)
ttoc (vimscript #2014): A regexp-based table of contents of the current buffer
vikitasks (vimscript #2894): Search viki files for tasks and display them in a list
For full details, please see:
Also available via git