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-This is a mirror of
-This small plugin is just an IDE manager to control the three plugins open and close, and build them into a great IDE which works like the Source Insignt.
-I will just update trinity.vim file only since V1.3 and above.
-1\ Automatic Display of Declarations in the Context Window on the bottom in the (G)VIM window using the script named 'Source Explorer(srcexpl.vim)' :
-2\ Symbol Windows For Each File on the left in the (G)VIM window (G)VIM using the script named 'taglist.vim':
-3\ Quick Access to All Files on the right in the (G)VIM window using the script named 'The NERD tree(NERD_tree.vim)':
-4\ You can change various options of each plugin in trinity.vim according to you request.
-In order to build such an IDE that implement the main functions(function list, definition and context explorer, file brower), I had modified the source code of ' 2.13.0'. You would note the tag named 'CHE Wenlong delete/add for trinity.vim' in the NERD_tree.vim.
+This script has been renamed to Trinity.
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