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tag: 1.5
Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. @wesleyche

    Version 1.5

    wesleyche authored committed
    I modified the options of 'ctags' program for Source Explorer (srcexpl.vim) V4.0.
    The response time was less than 0.2 second each tagging with the new version. The environment I tested is below:
    source code: linux-2.6.25 (17308 files)
    size of tags: 60.1MB (691327 lines)
  2. @wesleyche

    Version 1.4

    wesleyche authored committed
    Add a new configure global variable named g:SrcExpl_updateTagsKey for the Source Explorer (srcexpl.vim) V3.9 when initializing the trinity plugin.
  3. @wesleyche

    Version 1.3

    wesleyche authored committed
    Modified some configure global values of the Source Explorer 3.6 (srcexpl.vim) when initializing the trinity plugin.
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