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Commits on Oct 18, 2010
  1. Version 0.6

    - [gbw]tselectfiles_prefix: Remove prefix from filenames in list
    - [gbw]tselectfiles_limit variable
    - [wbg]:tselectfiles_filter_rx is used only when no directory is given on the command line.
    - Require tlib >= 0.18
    - If the filename matches an entry in g:tselectfiles_filedescription_rx, use the expression there to construct a file description (eg the file's first line)
    - Option to run vimgrep on selected files.
    - tselectfiles#BaseFilter(): Set b:tselectfiles_filter_rx to something useful.
    - tselectfiles#BaseFilter(): takes 2 optional arguments to substitute a rx in the current buffer's filename.
    - tselectfiles_filter_rx: Set as array
    - Problem when browsing single directories
    tomtom committed with Oct 5, 2008
  2. Version 0.4

    - "Delete file" will ask whether to delete a corresponding buffer too.
    - <c-w> ... View file in original window
    - Disabled <c-o> Open dir
    - Require tlib >= 0.13
    - When renaming a file that's loaded, rename also the buffer.
    - You can filter the list of selected files via setting the
    [wbg]:tselectfiles_filter_rx variable.
    - Renamed g:tselectfiles_no_cache to g:tselectfiles_no_cache_rx
    - [bg]:tselectfiles_use_cache and [bg]:tselectfiles_no_cache_rx can now
    also be set per buffer.
    - Renamed some variables from tselectfile_* to tselectfiles_*.
    - Can be "suspended" (i.e. you can switch back to the orignal window)
    tomtom committed with Sep 11, 2007
  3. Version 0.2

    - Require tlib 0.9
    - "Delete file" will ask whether to delete a corresponding buffer too.
    tomtom committed with Jul 17, 2007
  4. Version 0.1: Initial upload

    tomtom committed with Apr 18, 2007