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" File: undotree.vim
" Description: undotree syntax
" Author: Ming Bai <>
" License: BSD
if exists("b:undotree_syntax")
syn match UndotreeNode ' \zs\*\ze '
syn match UndotreeNodeCurrent '\zs\*\ze.*>\d\+<'
syn match UndotreeTimeStamp '(.*)$'
syn match UndotreeFirstNode 'Original'
syn match UndotreeBranch '[|/\\]'
syn match UndotreeSeq ' \zs\d\+\ze '
syn match UndotreeCurrent '>\d\+<'
syn match UndotreeNext '{\d\+}'
syn match UndotreeHead '\[\d\+]'
syn match UndotreeHelp '^".*$' contains=UndotreeHelpKey,UndotreeHelpTitle
syn match UndotreeHelpKey '^" \zs.\{-}\ze:' contained
syn match UndotreeHelpTitle '===.*===' contained
syn match UndotreeSavedSmall ' \zss\ze '
syn match UndotreeSavedBig ' \zsS\ze '
hi link UndotreeNode Question
hi link UndotreeNodeCurrent Statement
hi link UndotreeTimeStamp Function
hi link UndotreeFirstNode Function
hi link UndotreeBranch Constant
hi link UndotreeSeq Comment
hi link UndotreeCurrent Statement
hi link UndotreeNext Type
hi link UndotreeHead Identifier
hi link UndotreeHelp Comment
hi link UndotreeHelpKey Function
hi link UndotreeHelpTitle Type
hi link UndotreeSavedSmall WarningMsg
hi link UndotreeSavedBig MatchParen
let b:undotree_syntax = 'undotree'
" vim: set et fdm=marker sts=4 sw=4:
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